Studies in Mormon History

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A Treasure Trove of Research Resources about Historical Latter-day Saint Women Lamb, Connie 2020 Journal Article 1
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The “New Woman” and the Woman’s Exponent : An Editorial Perspective Madsen, Carol Cornwall 2020 Journal Article 1
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First to Vote : Utah's Unique Place in the Suffrage Movement Kitterman, Katherine 2020 Journal Article 1
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Race, Religion, and Citizenship in Mormon Country : Native Hawaiians in Salt Lake City, 1869-1889 Kester, Matthew 2009 Journal Article 25
To Have a Robust, Multi-Party System' : Transcript of Salt Lake Tribune Interview with Elder Marlin K. Jensen Harrie, Dan, Jensen, Marlin K. 1998 Journal Article
A Liberal Force in a Conservative Setting : The Origins and Development of the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah, 1951-1961 Kellogg, Heather Marie 1997 Dissertation
Mormon Politicians and Senatorial Campaigns : The Politics of Self-presentation and Contextual Admustment Hunt, Hyrum K. 1999 Report
Results 1–19 of 19