Studies in Mormon History

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'Be Kind to the Poor' : The Life Story of Robert Taylor Burton Seegmiller, Janet Burton 1988 Book 11
'Wild Bill' Hickman and the Mormon Frontier Hilton, Hope A. 1988 Book 17
A Basket of Chips : The Autobiography by James Taylor Harwood Harwood, James Taylor 1985 Book 1
A Biographical Sketch of James Jensen Tanner, Joseph M. 1911 Book 4
A Biographical Sketch of John Riggs Murdock Tanner, J. M. 1909 Book 11
A Biography of Ezra Thompson Clark Cherniak, Cetti , Cherniak, Cetti , Tanner, Annie Clark 1975 Book 1
A Biography of Parley P. Pratt, the Archer of Paradise Stanley, Reva Holdaway [Reva Lucile Scott] 1937 Book 18
A Frontier Life : Jacob Hamblin, Explorer and Indian Missionary Compton, Todd M. 2013 Book 10 343
A Gift of Faith : Elias Hicks Blackburn Pioneer, Patriarch, and Healer Munson, Lillian S., Munson, Voyle L. 1991 Book 1
A Life Divided : The Biography of Joseph Marion Tanner, 1859-1927 Ward, Margery W. 1980 Book 5
A Mormon Rebel : The Life and Travels of Frederick Gardiner Gardiner, Frederick 1993 Book 7
A Simple Faith : Anders Person L Hartley, William G. 1996 Book
Aaron Johnson, Faithful Steward : A Documentary History Johnson, Alan P. 1991 Book 2
Abraham Owen Smoot : A Testament of His Life Nixon, Loretta D., Smoot, L. Douglas 1994 Book 4
Advancing the Mormon frontier : The life and times of Joseph Stacy Murdock -- pioneer, colonizer, peacemaker Thompson, George A. 1987 Book 1
Amasa Mason Lyman : Trailblazer and Pioneer from the Atlantic to the Pacific Lyman, Albert R. 1957 Book 10
Amos Wright : The Adventures of Amos Wright, Mormon Frontiersman Wright, Geneva Ensign 1981 Book 1
Ancestry Biography and Family of George A. Smith Jarvis, Zora Smith 1962 Book 6
Andrew B. Christenson : Mormon Educational Pioneer Tate, Lucile C. 1981 Book 1
Autobiography of George W. Bean : A Utah Pioneer of 1847 Bean, George W. 1945 Book 13
Autobiography of Pioneer John Brown 1820-1896 Brown, John 1941 Book 20
Autobiography of William Lindsay Lindsay, William 1954 Book
B. H. Roberts : A Biography Malan, Robert H. 1966 Book 7
Biographical Sketch of Feramorz Little Little, James A. 1890 Book 3
Biography : Francis Marion Lyman, 1840-1916, Apostle, 1880-1916 Lyman, Albert R. 1958 Book 9
Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow, One of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Snow, Eliza R. 1884 Book 76
Biography of Christopher Merkley. Written by Himself Merkley, Christopher 1887 Book 6
Biography of John Daniel Thompson McAllister Weenig, Lucile McAllister 1980 Book
Brigham Young Werner, Morris Robert 1925 Book 38
Brigham Young : Modern Moses, Prophet of God Gibbons, Francis M. 1981 Book 5
Brigham Young : The Man of the Hour Widtsoe, Leah D. 1947 Book 2
Brigham Young and His Mormon Empire Cannon, Frank J., Knapp, George L. 1913 Book 21
Brigham Young and the Expanding American Frontier Bringhurst, Newell G. 1986 Book 22
Brigham Young, the Man and His Work Nibley, Preston 1936 Book 47
Brigham's Destroying Angel Hickman, William A. 1872 Book 45
Brother Brigham England, Eugene 1980 Book 13
Builders of Early Millard : Biographies of Pioneers of Millard County, 1850-1875 Day, Stella H. 1979 Book
Builders of the Kingdom : George A. Smith, John Henry Smith, George Albert Smith Pusey, Merlo J. 1981 Book 18
C. C. A. Christensen : Dansk-Americansk Maler, Samfundsrevser og Missionaer, 1831-1912 Schmidt, Jr?gen W. 1984 Book
Captain Jefferson Hunt of the Mormon Battalion Smith, Pauline Udall 1958 Book 8
Charles C. Rich : Mormon General and Western Frontiersman Arrington, Leonard J. 1974 Book 39
Charles Coulson Rich : Pioneer Builder of the West Evans, John Henry 1936 Book 16
Conquerors of the West : Stalwart Mormon Pioneers : Vol. 1-4 Youngberg, Florence C. 1999 Book 5
Dan Jones Barrett, Ivan J. 1989 Book
Daniel Hanmer Wells and Events of His Time Hinckley, Bryant S. 1942 Book 13
David Eccles : Pioneer Western Industrialist Arrington, Leonard J. 1975 Book 13
Defender of the Faith : The B. H. Roberts Story Madsen, Truman G. 1980 Book 49
Dr. John Rocky [sic] Park Young, Levi Edgar 1919 Book 2
Edward Hunter : Faithful Steward Hunter, William Edward 1970 Book 8
Empire Builder : Sam Brannan Young, Bob, Young, Jan 1967 Book 2