Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Long Trail Watts, George C. 1949 Book
James and Elizabeth Allred Steele, Linda Allred 1995 Book
C. C. A. Christensen : Dansk-Americansk Maler, Samfundsrevser og Missionaer, 1831-1912 Schmidt, Jr?gen W. 1984 Book
Tall Timber : The Struggles of James Yorgason, A Mormon Polygamist Yorgason, Blaine M. 1976 Book
John Charles Tatton : A Man of Commitment Gray, Joe Ann Tatton, Tatton, Donald Fred 1993 Book
Biography of John Daniel Thompson McAllister Weenig, Lucile McAllister 1980 Book
Erastus Beman Snow : Son of the Dixie Cotton Mission and Son of Erastus Snow, the Apostle Larson, Andrew Karl 1973 Book
Autobiography of William Lindsay Lindsay, William 1954 Book
James Poulsen, A Faithful Dane Poulsen, Ezra J. 1960 Book
William Snow, First Bishop of Pine Valley Peterson, Wanda Snow 1992 Book
Isaac Morley on the American Frontier Moffitt, John Clifton 1973 Book
Jeremiah Leavitt II and Sarah Sturtevant : A history of their lives in New Hampshire, Canada, Ohio, Illinois and Utah Platt, Lyman D. 1998 Book
Dan Jones Barrett, Ivan J. 1989 Book
A Simple Faith : Anders Person L Hartley, William G. 1996 Book
George Beard : Mormon Pioneer Artist with a Camera Davies, J. Kenneth 1980 Book
The Life and History of the Late President Brigham Young Carter, Charles W. ca. 1898 Book
The Ebenezer Hanks Story Bate, Kerry William 1982 Book
Henry Allen Beal : A Sanpete Valley Pioneer Beal, Merrill D. 1971 Book
George Brooks : Artist in Stone Brooks, Juanita 1965 Book
Story of Sidney H. Epperson, Pioneer Epperson, Simon S. 1941 Book
Poorets : George Washington Bean, Mormon Pioneer of 1847, Indian Interpreter, Explorer, Judge Bean, James A. 1992 Book
The Life of George Q. Cannon Sauls, Elizabeth Cannon 1956 Book
Frontier Fiddler : The Life of a Northern Pioneer, Kenner Casteel Kartchner Kartchner, Kenner Casteel 1990 Book
Life History of Octave Frederick and Hannah Maria Turner Ursenbach Hatch, Verena Ursenbach 1980 Book
Happy is the Man : A Social Biography of Thomas Chamberlain (1854-1918) Chamberlain, Beverly Christensen, Chamberlain, Jonathan M. 2009 [2010] Book
Father of a Prophet : Andrew Kimball Kimball, Edward L. 2011 Book
History of George Albert Nixon : His Progenitors and Descendants Nixon, Bert Wootton 2011 Book
Joseph Holbrook, Mormon Pioneer, a Journal : With commentary on the winter he spent with the Ponca Indians Johnson, Pamela Call 2013 Book
Into the Jaws of Hell : Jefferson Hunt the Death Valley '49ers Wagon Train & his Adventures in California 1846-1857 Sutak, Tom 2012 Book
Phineus Tempest : Rexburg Pioneer, 1845-1931 May, Vern Tempest 2010 Book
Builders of Early Millard : Biographies of Pioneers of Millard County, 1850-1875 Day, Stella H. 1979 Book
History of Joseph Holbrook, 1806-1885 Holbrook, Joseph 1977 Book
The Family of Henry Moon : Mormon Pioneer 1819-1894 Moon, Richard Nephi 2007 Book
Andrew B. Christenson : Mormon Educational Pioneer Tate, Lucile C. 1981 Book 1
Thomas Robinson Cutler : Pioneer, Sugarman, Churchman Smith, Jesse Robinson 1985 Book 1
Amos Wright : The Adventures of Amos Wright, Mormon Frontiersman Wright, Geneva Ensign 1981 Book 1
A Biography of Ezra Thompson Clark Cherniak, Cetti , Cherniak, Cetti , Tanner, Annie Clark 1975 Book 1
The Mighty John Taylor Stout, Wayne D. 1977 Book 1
Orrin Porter Rockwell, the Mormon Frontier Marshal Van Alfen, Nicholas 1964 Book 1
The Edge of the Cedars : The Story of Walter C. Lyman and the San Juan Mission Lyman, Albert R. 1966 Book 1
A Gift of Faith : Elias Hicks Blackburn Pioneer, Patriarch, and Healer Munson, Lillian S., Munson, Voyle L. 1991 Book 1
Thomas Rhoads : The Wealthiest Morman [sic] Gold Miner Davies, J. Kenneth 1980 Book 1
The Life of Andrew Wood Cooley : A Story of Conviction Cooley, Everett L., Hyde, Myrtle Stevens 1991 Book 1
Willing Hands : A Biography of Lorenzo Hill Hatch, 1826-1910 Hatch, Jo Ann Finney 1996 Book 1
Henry William Bigler Bishop, M. Guy 1998 Book 1
A Basket of Chips : The Autobiography by James Taylor Harwood Harwood, James Taylor 1985 Book 1
Neither Saint Nor Scoundrel : Almon Whiting Babbitt - Territorial Secretary of Utah Varner, James L., Whitman, Omer (Greg) W. 2009 Book 1
Follow Me to Zion : Stories from the Willie Handcart Pioneers Allphin, Jolene S., Olsen, Andrew D. 2013 Book 1
Advancing the Mormon frontier : The life and times of Joseph Stacy Murdock -- pioneer, colonizer, peacemaker Thompson, George A. 1987 Book 1
Jesse Wentworth Crosby : Mormon Preacher, Pioneer, Man of God Crosby, Samuel W. 1977 Book 1