Studies in Mormon History

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Orson Pratt--Early Mormon Leader Lyon, T. Edgar 1932 Dissertation 23
The Versatile W. W. Phelps--Mormon Writer, Educator, and Pioneer Bowen, Walter Dean 1958 Dissertation 17
An Historical Study of the Life of Orson Hyde, Early Mormon Missionary and Apostle from 1805-1852 Hill, Marvin S. 1955 Dissertation 11
William Clayton : Missionary, Pioneer, and Public Servant Dahl, Paul E. 1959 Dissertation 9
Thomas Bullock, Early Mormon Pioneer Despain, C. Ward 1956 Dissertation 5
Abraham Owen Smoot, Pioneer Mormon Leader Berlin, C. Elliott 1955 Dissertation 5
James Godson Bleak, Pioneer Historian of Southern Utah Addy, Caroline 1953 Dissertation 5
Almon Whiting Babbitt, Mormon Emissary Ridd, Jay Donald 1953 Dissertation 5
The Life and Contributions of Captain Dan Jones Christensen, Rex LeRoy 1977 Dissertation 4
The Life of Amos Milton Musser Brooks, Karl F. 1961 Dissertation 4
Warren Stone Snow, A Man in between : The Biography of a Mormon Defender Peterson, John A. 1985 Dissertation 4
The Life and Contributions of Isaac Morley Morley, Richard Henrie 1965 Dissertation 4
The Life and Contributions of Zebedee Coltrin Stephens, Calvin R. 1974 Dissertation 4
The Life of Edward Stevenson, Member of the First Council of the Seventy, Friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Three Witnesses Stevenson, Joseph Grant 1955 Dissertation 4
The Life of Orson Spencer Sadler, Richard W. 1965 Dissertation 4
The Life and Works of William Horne Dame Pease, Harold W. 1971 Dissertation 3
A Biographical Study of Isaac Chauncey Haight, Early Religious and Civic Leader of Southern Utah Slack, Robert A. 1966 Dissertation 3
Stephen Markham : Man of Valour Gifford, Mervin LeRoy 1975 Dissertation 2
John Elliot Tullidge, the Influence of His Life and Works on the Musical Culture of Utah Camp, Virgil H. 1957 Dissertation 2
Levi Ward Hancock, Pioneer, Soldier, Political and Religious Leader of Early Utah Clegg, Dennis A. 1966 Dissertation 2
The Making of a Leader : A Biography of Charles W. Nibley to 1890 Christensen, Michael E. 1978 Dissertation 2
Howard Egan, Frontiersman, Pioneer and Pony Express Rider Drake, J. Raman 1956 Dissertation 2
Karl G. Maeser : Mormon Educator Burton, Alma P. 1950 Dissertation 2
Biography of George Washington Hill Brown, Ralph O. 1956 Dissertation 2
The Life and Contributions of Evan Stephens Johnson, Dale A. 1952 Dissertation 2
Biography of Phil Margetts, Utah Actor Margetts, Ralph E. 1950 Dissertation 2
Porter Rockwell and the Mormon Frontier Van Alfen, Nicholas 1938 Dissertation 2
Thomas Bullock : A Man Doing His Duty Simon, Jerald F. 1988 Dissertation 2
A Forgotten Missionary : Hiram Clark, Mormon Itinerant, British Emigration Organizer, and First President of the L.D.S. Hawaiian Mission, 1795-1853 Shaffer, Donald R. 1990 Dissertation 2
John Willard Young and the 1887 Movement for Utah Statehood Watson, Charles W. 1984 Dissertation 2
Eph Hanks, Pioneer Scout Hanks, Richard K. 1973 Dissertation 1
Peter Maughan, Cache Valley Pioneer Cole, Gordon 1950 Dissertation 1
From Babylon to Zion : The Life of William McLachlan, a British Convert to the Mormon Church McLachlan, Winifred Morse 1986 Dissertation 1
A Biographical Study of Leonard John Nuttall, Private Secretary to Presidents John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff Jensen, Clarence G. 1962 Dissertation 1
Appleton Milo Harman--Builder in Zion Stringham, Guy E. 1970 Dissertation 1
From Switzerland to St. George : The John and Barbara Mathis Story Savage, Paul K. 1992 Dissertation 1
A Biography of Lot Smith (1830-1892) Crane, Robert L., Jr. 1970 Dissertation
James Mellor : English Convert and Handcart Pioneer Gregerson, Edna Jensen 1961 Dissertation
Abraham Alonzo Kimball : A Nineteenth Century Mormon Bishop Higginson, Jerry C. 1963 Dissertation
Lewis Warren Shurtliff : 'A Great Man in Israel' Hokanson, Paul Miller 1980 Dissertation
William Claude Clive, His Life and Contribution to Music in Utah Andersen, David C. 1963 Dissertation 13
I, Richard : A Biography of Richard Ballantyne Ballantyne, Vadis B. 1974 Dissertation
Christian 'Lingo' Christensen, Indian Interpreter : A Critical Biography Hyde, Gerald Edward 1976 Dissertation
When You Know Your Past, You Understand Yourself : The Joshua Thomas Willis Story Strem, Shareene K. 2002 Dissertation
John Nock Hinton : The Reconstructed Life of an English Born Mormon Convert of Virgin City, Utah Meeks, Lenora Atkin 1987 Dissertation
Benjamin Franklin Stewart, Lifetime Pioneer Jenson, Janet 1960 Dissertation 12
The Life of Thomas Grover, Utah Pioneer Smith, Hetty M. P. 1983 Dissertation
Quiet Power : A History of James Grey Willie Stephens, Doug R. 1985 Dissertation
Biography of Shadrack Roundy Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University 1960 Report
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