Studies in Mormon History

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The Quest for Religious Authority and the Rise of Mormonism De Pillis, Mario S. 1966 Journal Article 60 14
The Prophet Puzzle : Suggestions Leading Toward a More Comprehensive Interpretation of Joseph Smith Shipps, Jan 1974 Journal Article 36 28
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The New England Origins of Mormonism Revisited Underwood, Grant 1989 Journal Article 5 21
Each Sect the Sect to End all Sects Clebsh, William A. 1966 Journal Article 4
The Search for Cultural Origins of Mormon Doctrines Paulsen, David L. 2004 Book Chapter 3
Mormonism and the American Way : A Response De Pillis, Mario S. 1966 Journal Article 2
The Quest for Religious Authority and the Rise of Mormonism De Pillis, Mario S. 1972 Book Chapter 1
Approaching the First Vision Saga Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Journal Article 1
Mormon Origins : The Church in New York and Ohio Launius, Roger D. 2004 Book Chapter 1
The Charge of a Man with a Broken Lance (But Look What he Doesn't Tell Us) Bitton, Davis 2003 Journal Article 1
Taking Mormonism Seriously Bushman, Richard L. 1966 Journal Article 1
'A Lion in the Path' : Genesis of the Utah War 1857-1858 Bigler, David L. 2015 Book Chapter 8
Reinventing McLellin : A Historiographical Review Duffy, John-Charles 2007 Book Chapter
Asked and Answered : A Response to Grant H. Palmer Allen, James B. 2004 Journal Article
Prying into Palmer Midgley, Louis C. 2003 Journal Article
A One-Sided View of Mormon Origins Ashurst-McGee, Mark 2003 Journal Article
Trustworth History? Harper, Steven C. 2003 Journal Article
Results 1–18 of 18