Studies in Mormon History

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All Are Alike Unto God : Fascinating Conversion Stories of African Saints LeBaron, E. Dale 1990 Book 10
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'A Time to Kill' : Reflections on War Hillam, Ray C. 1990 Book 2
German-Speaking Immigrants Living in Cache Valley : An Oral History McCracken, Stephen Cameron 1986 Dissertation 2
A Bear and a Bandit Siporin, Steve 2015 Journal Article 1
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An Oral History of the Modern Microfilm Company, 1959-1982 Faulring, Scott H. 1983 Dissertation 1
Who Shapes Oral Narrative : A Functionalist and Psychosocial Explanation of the Lore of Two Mormon Female Tale-Tellers Cronin, Gloria L. 1985 Journal Article 1
The Rhetorical Self-definitions of Sister Missionaries, 1930-1970 : Oral Histories Embry, Jessie L. 1997 Journal Article 1
Becoming Mormon : The Elkton Branch, 1976-81 Taber, Susan B. 1992 Journal Article 1
Proud to Send Those Parachutes Off : Central Utah's Rosies During World War II Borneman, Amanda Midgley 2006 Dissertation
Voices from Drug Court : Community-Based Oral History at Utah State University Williams, Randy 2018 Journal Article
Leaves of the Lindon Tree : A Collection of Recollections from Senior Residents Anderson, Stephen 2003 Book
Life on the Hill : The Black Farming Families of Mill Creek Reiter, Tonya 2018 Journal Article 6
We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe : Latinos in Utah Solorzano, Armando 2014 Book
Venezuela : Investigación histórica Curbelo, Nestor 2010 Book
Surviving by Faith : German Latter-day Saints and World War II Hansen, Faith D., Hansen, Lynn M. 2012 Journal Article
Scott W. Bullock Oral History Bullock, Scott W. 2012 Book
Margrit Luise Feil Oral History Feil, Margrit Louise 2012 Book
Colombia : Investigación histórica Curbelo, Nestor 2010 Book
Argentina. : Segunda parte : investigación histórica Curbelo, Nestor 2010 Book
Argentina, septiembre 2010 : Investigación histórica Curbelo, Nestor 2010 Book
Argentina, noviembre 2010 : Investigación histórica Curbelo, Nestor 2010 Book
Oral History, Community, and Work in the American West Embry, Jessie L. 2013 Book
These to Remember : A Compilation of Oral Histories and First Hand Accounts Giving Voice to Pioneers on the Mormon Trail Watkins, Damond 2002 Dissertation
Creating Destiny---Crafting a Historical Tale Based Upon the Life of Emmeline B. Wells Richardson, Rishi Allen 2008 Book
Oral Genealogies in the Pacific Islands Sperry, Kip 2008 Book Chapter
Mormonism in Brazil : Brigham Young University Oral History Project Grover, Mark L. 2000 Book
The Oral Tradition of the American West : Adventure, Courtship and Place in Traditional Recitation Cunningham, Keith 1990 Book
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[Annie Richardson Johnson Oral History] Johnson, Annie Richardson 1982 Book Chapter
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Telling the Story of Mormon History : The James Moyle Oral History Program Heiss, Matthew K. 2004 Book Chapter
Heroes, Hearts and History Gardner, Peter 1998 Journal Article
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Hugh B. Brown : The Early Years Firmage, Edwin B. 1988 Journal Article
Guide to the Oral History Program of the Historical Department Historical Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1974 Book
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