Studies in Mormon History

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Me and Mine : The Life Story of Helen Sekaquaptewa Sekaquaptewa, Helen 1969 Book 6
Silent Courage : An Indian Story : The Autobiography of George P. Lee, a Navajo Lee, George P. 1987 Book 9
American Indians Today Larsen, Dean L. 1965 Book
John S. Boyden : Three Score and Ten in Retrospect Boyden, Orpha Sweeten 1986 Book
Ernest L. Wilkinson : Indian Advocate and University President Bird, Glenn V., Deem, Woodruff J. 1982 Book 8
Spencer W. Kimball : Resolute Disciple, Prophet of God Gibbons, Francis M. 1995 Book 3
The Living Church Andersen, Wilson K., Cowan, Richard O. 1974 Book 3
Along Navajo Trails : Recollections of a Trader Evans, Will 2005 Book 1
Boundaries Between : The Southern Paiutes, 1775-1995 Knack, Martha C. 2001 Book 11
Dixie Saints : Laborers in the Field Alder, Douglas D. 2017 Book 11
Blood Indians and 'Mormon' Public Schools : A Case Study of Ethnicity and Integrated Education Parry, Keith 1977 Book Chapter 2
The Arizona Temple and the Lamanites Cowan, Richard O. 1989 Book Chapter 1
Establishing Beliefs : Birth and Early Years Holiday, Samuel, McPherson, Robert S. 2013 Book Chapter
Improved Relations in the 1970s and 1980s Kuehne, Raymond M., Smelser, Ronald 2010 Book Chapter
Gosiute-Shoshone Draft Resistance, 1917–1918 Wood, David L. 2016 Book Chapter
Arthur V. Watkins and the Indians of Utah : A Study of Federal Termination Policy Metcalf, R. Warren 1995 Dissertation 2
'Let the Wind Take Care of Me' : The Life History of Lorin Smith, a Kashaya Pomo Spiritual Leader Mertz, Lisa Ann 1991 Dissertation
Willie Ottogary : Northwestern Shoshone Journalist, 1906-1929 Kreitzer, Matthew E. 1993 Dissertation
Cultural Ideologies and the Political Economy of Water in the United States West : Northern Ute Indians and the Rural Mormons in the Uintah Basin, Utah Endter, Joanna Lynne 1987 Dissertation 16
To Prevent the Breakup of the Indian Family : The Development of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 Blanchard, Evelyn Lance 2010 Dissertation
Changes in Scholastic Achievement and Intelligence of Indian Children Enrolled in a Foster Placement Program Willson, Linda Ouida 1973 Dissertation
Sacred Connections : LDS Pottery in the Native American Southwest Oman, Richard G. 1995 Journal Article 3
Paiute Posey and the Last White Uprising McPherson, Robert S. 1985 Journal Article 3 2
Interethnic Competition at Kaibab during Early Twentieth Century Knack, Martha C. 1993 Journal Article 1
Spencer W. Kimball and the Lamanite Cause Benson, Ezra Taft, Kimball, Spencer W. 1985 Journal Article 2
George Albert Smith : Friend of the Lamanites Giles, John D. 1950 Journal Article
The Story of Yellowface Fisher, Glen G. 1952 Journal Article 1
"Too Much Noise in that Bunch across the River" : Ba'a?lilee and the 1907 Aneth Brawl McPherson, Robert S. 2009 Journal Article 2
Indian Placement Program Host Families : A Mission to the Lamanites Embry, Jessie L. 2014 Journal Article 2 6
Entangled Histories : The Mormon Church and Indigenous Child Removal from 1850 to 2000 Jacobs, Margaret D. 2016 Journal Article 1 15
Larry EchoHawk : Someone's Concerned about Me Anonymous 1975 Journal Article 1
Elder George Lee : 'I Owe Every Opportunity to the Lord' Cummins, Lawrence E. 1975 Journal Article 1
Lamanites and the Church Burnett, M. Dallas 1971 Journal Article 1
Appropriation and Accomodation : The University of Utah and the Utes Gerlach, Larry R., Johnson, Janiece 2017 Journal Article 4
Gosiute-Shoshone Draft Resistance, 1917-18 Wood, David L. 1981 Journal Article 1
Indian Reservations in Utah Taylor, Eli F. 1931 Journal Article
The Myth of the Lake of Copala and Land of Teguayo Tyler, S. Lyman 1952 Journal Article 1
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