Studies in Mormon History

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Contested Space : Mormons, Navajos, and Hopis in the Colonization of Tuba City Smallcanyon, Corey 2010 Dissertation 5
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Fame Meets Infamy : The Powell Survey and Mountain Meadows Participants, 1870-1873 Olson, Eric C., Turley, Richard E., Jr. 2013 Journal Article 2 3
Emerging from the Archive : Helen M. Post's Photographs of Twentieth-Century Navajos Bolino, August Constantino 2019 Journal Article 1
Chief Hoskaninni Kelly, Charles 1953 Journal Article 1
Murder Mapping in the "Land of Death," Part I : The Walcott-McNally Incident McPherson, Robert S. 2013 Journal Article 1 5
Entangled Histories : The Mormon Church and Indigenous Child Removal from 1850 to 2000 Jacobs, Margaret D. 2016 Journal Article 1 15
Along Navajo Trails : Recollections of a Trader Evans, Will 2005 Book 1
Porter Rockwell and Samuel the Lamanite Fistfight in Heaven : A Mormon Navajo Filmmaker's Perspective Baca, Angelo 2018 Book Chapter 1
Reclamation, Redemption, and Political Maneuvering in Dine Bikeyah, 1947-1980 Bsumek, Erika 2019 Book Chapter
Murder and Mapping in "The Land of Death," Part II : The Military Cantonment in Monticello Conti, Kevin, McPherson, Robert S., Weicks, Gary 2013 Journal Article 6
Establishing Beliefs : Birth and Early Years Holiday, Samuel, McPherson, Robert S. 2013 Book Chapter
Navajo Indians Gowans, Fred R., Westover, V. Robert 2000 Encyclopedia Article
Navajo Chrisitanity : Historical Origins and Modern Trends Pavlik, Steve 1997 Journal Article
"To Elevate the Red Man" : The Episcopal Church's Native American Policy in Utah Quinn, Frederick 2005 Journal Article 1
Entering the Stunning Drama and Beauty of San Juan County McPherson, Robert S. 2004 Journal Article
The Blanding Navajos : A Case Study of Off-reservation Navajo Migration and Settlement Hurst, Winston B. 1981 Dissertation
Chiefs, Agents and Soldiers : Conflict on the Navajo Frontier Moore, William Haas 1988 Dissertation
Newcomers to the Urban West : Navajos and Samoans in Salt Lake City, Utah, 1945-1995 Amerman, Stephen Kent 1996 Dissertation
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