Studies in Mormon History

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Mormon Pursuit of the Agrarian Ideal Dyal, Donald H. 1989 Journal Article 2
Latter-day Saint Marriage and Family Life in Modern America Dollahite, David C. 2007 Book Chapter 1
Mormonism and the Challenge of the Mainline Cornwall, Marie 1991 Journal Article 1 4
Modernization Arrested : Child Naming and Family in a Utah Town Logue, Larry M. 1987 Journal Article 1
Development of Lighting Systems in Utah Carter, Kate B. 1944 Journal Article 1
The Great War and the Making of a Modern World Proctor, Tammy M. 2018 Journal Article
The Structure of the Book of Alma Spencer, Joseph M. 2017 Journal Article 8
God's Comics : Religious Humour in Contemporary Evangelical Christian and Mormon Comedy McIntyre, Elisha 2013 Dissertation
From gentiles to friends : Mormons in a changing world Erichsen, Luke Webster 2006 Dissertation
Missionaries and Other Stories Tice, Bradford E. 2009 Dissertation
Lost Ogden Johnson, Melissa, Langsdon, Sarah 2015 Book
Modern Pioneer : Florence Youngberg Johnson, Marilyn 2010 Journal Article
Gold, War, and the New West of the 1860s May, Dean L. 2008 Book Chapter
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The Paradox of Religious Pluralism and Religious Uniqueness Didier, Charles A. 2008 Book Chapter
Testimony and Technology : A Phase of the Modernization of Mormonism since 1950 Allen, James B. 1983 Book Chapter
Mormon Primitivism and Modernization Alexander, Thomas G. 1995 Book Chapter
Mormons, Matais, and Modernization : Stress and Change among Samoans in Laie, Hawaii Macpherson, Cluny, Stanton, Max E. 1978 Book Chapter
Modernity and Conversion : Mormonism in 20th century Japan Durfee, Richard E. 1988 Dissertation
Viewing Mormonism as Mainline De Pillis, Mario S. 1991 Journal Article 1
An Australian Viewpoint Newton, Marjorie 1991 Journal Article
The Primitive Church in the Modern World Hughes, Richard T. 1995 Book
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