Studies in Mormon History

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Afrikaner Identity and Responses to Mormon Missions in South Africa, 1853-1965 Cannon, Jeffrey G. 2015 Dissertation
An Exploration of the Lived Experiences of Returned Mormon Missionaries Bordelon, E. Douglas 2013 Dissertation
English Days : Experiences of a Burmese Mormon Missionary in England Richey, Emily 2013 Dissertation
Building the Latter-day Kingdom in the Americas : The Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission Pagnoni, Gayle Lasater 2013 Dissertation
Cross-Cultural Conversion Narratives : an American Missionary in Taichung, Taiwan Nelson, Amy 1998 Dissertation
"When They Called Us Jie Mei (Sister)" : An Autoethnographic and Narrative Study of Religious Development in Emerging Adulthood Ball, Katie Nichole 2011 Dissertation
"For Our Profit and Learning" : the Literacy Practices of Mormon Missionaries Sloop, John Paul 2011 Dissertation
Implementing a context-based teaching curriculum for French learners at the MTC Olsen, Stephanie Wallace 2000 Dissertation
Perceived and real barriers for prospective LDS senior missionaries Huff, Roy B. 2001 Dissertation
The terrible beauty : memoirs of an African missionary 2002 Dissertation
A Mormon Missionary Story Anonymous 2002 Dissertation
Measuring Prejudiced Attitudes Toward Mexicans in Latter-day Saint Missionaries During Missionary Service in the American Southwest Montoya, Jared A. 2004 Dissertation
Inhabiting Soeur McCune-Poplin, Laura 2005 Dissertation
When I Believe in Faith : A Missionary's Memoir Beck, Russ 2006 Dissertation
Personal Scripture Study of Prospective Missionaries Wing, Eric Lyon 2006 Dissertation
Beyond Missionary Stories : Voicing the Transnational Mormon Experience Hales, Scott 2012 Journal Article
The Appearance & Disappearance of Lourdes Amarille Estrada Terry, Roger 2013 Journal Article
Scott W. Bullock Oral History Bullock, Scott W. 2012 Book
Oral history interview with Nicole Williams Williams, Nicole 2012 Book
Neal and Jackie Beecher Collection of Oral Histories Beecher, Jackie, Beecher, Neal 2012 Book Chapter
The Journey Home : A Root-Metaphor Analysis of the 1840 Mormon Manchester Hymnbook Arrington, James N. 2006 Dissertation
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A Study of Coded Messages in the Personal Narratives of Female Mormon Missionaries Johns, Rebecca L. 2001 Dissertation
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Member Missionary Involvement in the LDS Church Coleman, Gary Jerome 1978 Dissertation
More Than Bricks and Mortar : An Account of the New Zealand Labour Missionary Programme Thacker, Wendy Biesinger 2004 Dissertation
Building Missionaries in Hawaii, 1960-1963 Pack, Alice C. 1963 Book
Results 1–33 of 33