Studies in Mormon History

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Presbyterian Missions and Cultural Interaction in the Far Southwest 1850-1950 Banker, Mark T. 1993 Book 4
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Presbyterians in Zion : History of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in Utah Burton, Frederick G. 2010 Book 1
Mission President or Spy? : The True Story of Wallace F. Toronto, the Czech Mission, and World War II Woodger, Mary Jane 2019 Book
The Exceptional Populations, II : The Latter-day Saints Szasz, Ferenc Morton 1988 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith III and the 'Lost Sheep' Black, Susan Easton 1995 Book Chapter
Contested Ground : David Hyrum Smith's Mission to Utah, 1869 Avery, Valeen Tippetts 2008 Book Chapter
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Voices of Dissent : The History of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah, 1863-1900 Shipley, Richard Lyle 1969 Dissertation 10
Evangelical Protestant Missionary Activities in Mormon Dominated Areas, 1865-1900 Lyon, T. Edgar 1962 Dissertation 17
And There Came Prophets in the Land Again : The Life of Joseph Smith III, 1832-1914, Mormon Reformer Launius, Roger D. 1982 Dissertation 2
Converting the saints : An investigation of religious conflict using a study of Protestant missionary methods in an early 20th century engagement with Mormonism Paul, Charles Randall 2000 Dissertation
Insanity and the Sweet Singer : A Biography of David Hyrum Smith, 1844-1904 Avery, Valeen Tippetts 1984 Dissertation 4
History of Baptist Missions in Utah, 1871-1931 Ditmars, R. Maud 1931 Dissertation 5
A Discriminative Study of the Christian Approach to the Mormons Ader, Louis Monroe 1952 Dissertation
An Approach and a Resource for Effectively Communicating Christian Truth with Latter-Day Saints Heersink, Bill 2004 Dissertation
Biography of Patriarch Alexander Hale Smith Smith, Vida E. 1915 Journal Article 3
The Ogden Academy : A Gentile Assault on Mormon Country Topping, Gary 1984 Journal Article 2
David Hyrum Smith in Utah Smith, Elbert A. 1912 Journal Article 2
The Early Days of Missionary Work of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah and South East Idaho Jensen, R. Hart 1982 Journal Article
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The First Reorganized Church Mission to Utah Launius, Roger D. 1980 Journal Article
The Utah Gospel Mission, 1900-1950 Kimball, Stanley B. 1976 Journal Article 1
'They Made Haste Slowly' : Presbyterian Mission Schools and Southwestern Pluralism, 1870-1900 Banker, Mark T. 1991 Journal Article
Faith in Schooling : Solving the 'Mormon' Problem Buchanan, Frederick S. 1978 Journal Article
The Educational Work of the Congregational Church 1882 Journal Article
Two School Systems in Conflict : 1867-1890 Hough, C. Merrill 1960 Journal Article 12 12
The Norwegian-Danish Methodist Mission in Utah Andersen, Arlow William 1957 Journal Article 1 1
Women Missionaries in Utah Donovan, Mary S. 1997 Journal Article 2
Heathen in Our Fair Land' : Presbyterian Women Missionaries in Utah, 1870-90 Riess, Jana K. 2000 Journal Article 4 11
Frances R. Burke : Toquerville Presbyterian Missionary Brimhall, Sandra Dawn 2004 Journal Article 1
Daniel S. Tuttle : Utah's Pioneer Episcopal Bishop Quinn, Frederick 2007 Journal Article 4
Utah's "Gentile" Schools Taylor, Tiffany 2008 Journal Article
Josephites at the Tops of the Mountains : RLDS Congregations in Utah Embry, Jessie L. 1996 Journal Article 1 2
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