Studies in Mormon History

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Out of the Dust : When Day Turned to Night 2001 Journal Article 1 1
Ammon and the Mesoamerican Custom of Smiting off Arms Yerman, Bruce H. 1999 Journal Article 1
"A Very Fine Azteck Manuscript" : Latter-day Saint Readings of Codex Boturini Blythe, Christopher James 2017 Journal Article 8
Last-Ditch Warfare in Ancient Mesoamerica Recalls the Book of Mormon Sorenson, John L. 2000 Journal Article 2
A Mesoamerican system of Weights and Measures? Did the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica use a system of weights and scales in measuring goods and their values? 1999 Journal Article
The Sacred Tree of the Ancient Maya Christenson, Allen J. 1997 Journal Article
Classical Frontiers : New World Antiquities in the American Imagination, 1820-1915 Evans, Roy Tripp, IV 1998 Dissertation 6
Results 1–21 of 21