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Charting the Missionary Work of William E. McLellin : A Content Analysis Baer, M. Teresa 1994 Book Chapter 2
The Odyssey of William Earl McLellin : Man of Diversity, 1806-83 Porter, Larry C. 1994 Book Chapter 2
'My Eyes Were Holden in Those Days' : A Study of Selective Memory Quinn, D. Michael 2007 Book Chapter 1
William E. McLellin's Lost Manuscript McLellin, William E. 2012 Book 1
"The Testimony of Men" : William E. McLellin and the Book of Mormon Witnesses Schaefer, Mitchell K. 2011 Journal Article 1 5
Drawing Lessons from a Life : William McLellin, 1831-1832 Harper, Steven C. 2002 Book Chapter 1
Having More Learning Than Sense : William E. McLellin and the Book of Commandments Revisited Grandstaff, Mark R. 1993 Journal Article 1
Challenge to Greatness : The Nineteenth-Century Saints in New York Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1978 Journal Article 1
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Nineteenth-Century Break-Offs Rich, Russell R. 1979 Journal Article 1
Portrait of a 'True Believer' in Original Mormonism Russell, William D. 2007 Book Chapter
Reinventing McLellin : A Historiographical Review Duffy, John-Charles 2007 Book Chapter
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The Eleven Witnesses Harper, Steven C. 2015 Book Chapter
"That They Might Come to Understanding” : Revelation as Process Harper, Steven C. 2012 Book Chapter
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Wayward Friends McGavin, E. Cecil 1963 Book Chapter
The Provenance of William E. McLellin's Journals Turley, Richard E., Jr. 1994 Book Chapter
All But Two : The Disaffection of Ten of the Original Twelve Modern Apostles Dudley, L. Todd 1994 Dissertation
The Twelve Apostles : William E. McLellin Jenson, Andrew 1886 Journal Article
Lost and Found Packer, Lynn K. 1992 Journal Article
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