Studies in Mormon History

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'We Shall Be Like Him' : Explorations into the LDS Doctrine of Deification Millet, Robert L. 2012 Book Chapter
Brigham Young, African Americans, and Plural Marriage : Schism and the Beginnings of Black Priesthood and Temple Denial O'Donovan, Connell 2013 Book Chapter
Of Dragons, Palaces, and Gods : A Mormon Perspective on C.S. Lewis Garrett, Christopher E. 2001 Dissertation
An analysis of the extent to which the Mormon doctrine of exaltation can be found in the teachings of the early Christian church, Eastern Orthodoxy, and C.S. Lewis Skillman, Daniel Robert 2005 Dissertation
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Lewis Warren Shurtliff Jenson, Andrew 1901 Book Chapter
Lewis Sumner Pond Jenson, Andrew 1901 Book Chapter
William Hendricks Lewis Jenson, Andrew 1901 Book Chapter
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Lewis Warren Shurtliff Whitney, Orson F. 1904 Book Chapter
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Pioneer Midwives Dorigatti, Barbara T. Thompson 2010 Book Chapter
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