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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
In the Whirlpool : The Pre-Manifesto Letters of President Wilford Woodruff to the William Atkin family, 1885-1890 Neilson, Reid L.;Woodruff, Wilford 2011 Book 6 0
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Life and Letters of Joseph C. Bentley : A Biography Bentley, Joseph T.;Bentley, Joseph C. 1977 Book 7 0
The Prophet Joseph Smith's Views on the Powers and Policy of the Government of the United States Smith, Joseph, Jr. 1886 Book 8 0
A Bright, Rising Star : A Brief Life and Letter of James Ferguson, Sergeant Major, Mormon Battalion; Adjudant General, Nauvoo Legion Bagley, Will;Ferguson, James 2000 Book 8 0
The Reminiscences and Civil War Letters of Levi Lamoni Wight : Life in a Splinter Colony on the Texas Frontier Wight, Levi Lamoni 1970 Book 8 0
The John Taylor Papers : Records of the Last Utah Pioneer Taylor, Samuel W.;Taylor, Raymond W. 1984 Book 11 0
Letters of Catharine Cottam Romney, Plural Wife Romney, Catharine Cottam;Hansen, Jennifer M. 1992 Book 12 0
Letters from Exile : The Correspondence of Martha Hughes Cannon and Angus M. Cannon, 1886-1889 Cannon, Angus M.;Sillito, John R.;Lieber, Constance L.;Cannon, Martha Hughes 1989 Book 13 0
White Roses on the Floor of Heaven : Mormon Women's Popular Theology Morrill, Susanna 2006 Book 17 0
The Genteel Gentile : Letters of Elizabeth Cumming, 1857-1858 Canning, Ray R.;Beeton, Beverly;Cumming, Elizabeth 1977 Book 18 0
A Good Time Coming : Mormon Letters to Scotland Buchanan, Frederick S. 1988 Book 19 0
Defence of Polygamy, by a Lady in Utah : In a Letter to Her Sister in New Hampshire Pratt, Belinda Marden 1854 Book 20 0
A Winter with the Mormons : The 1852 Letters of Jotham Goodell Bigler, David L.;Goodell, Jotham 2001 Book 21 69
Correspondence of Bishop George Miller with the Northern Islander : From His First Acquaintance with Mormonism up to Near the Close of his Life Miller, George 1916 Book 21 0
Dear Ellen : Two Mormon Women and Their Letters Ellsworth, S. George 1974 Book 21 0
Prisoner for Polygamy : The Memoirs and Letters of Rudger Clawson at the Utah Territorial Penitentiary, 1884-87 Larson, Stan;Clawson, Rudger 1993 Book 22 72
The William E. McLellin Papers, 1854-1880 Larson, Stan;McLellin, William E.;Passey, Samuel J. 2007 Book 22 0
Teachings of Presidents of the Church : Joseph Smith Smith, Joseph, Jr. 2007 Book 28 0
William Law : Biographical Essay, Nauvoo Diary, Correspondence, Interview Law, William, 1809-1892;Cook, Lyndon W. 1994 Book 30 0
I Knew the Prophets : An Analysis of the Letter of Benjamin F. Johnson to George F. Gibbs, Reporting Doctrinal Views of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young Zimmerman, Dean R. 1976 Book 36 0
Documents Containing the Correspondence, Orders, &c. In Relation to the Disturbances with the Mormons Missouri. Office of the Secretary of State 1841 Book 38 0
The Utah Expedition, 1857-1858 Hammond, Otis Grant;Gove, Jesse A. 1928 Book 40 0
Juanita Brooks : Mormon Woman Historian Peterson, Levi S. 1988 Book 48 0
Dale Morgan on Early Mormonism : Correspondence and a New History Walker, John Phillip;Morgan, Dale L. 1986 Book 53 0
Blood Atonement and the Origin of Plural Marriage : A Discussion Smith, Joseph Fielding;Evans, Richard C. 1905 Book 56 0
Letters of Brigham Young to His Sons Jessee, Dean C.;Young, Brigham 1974 Book 59 0
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Personal Writings of Joseph Smith Jessee, Dean C.;Smith, Joseph, Jr. 2002 Book 81 0
The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith Jessee, Dean C.;Smith, Joseph, Jr. 1984 Book 236 0
Letters From Liberty Jail Woodford, Robert J. 1984 Book Chapter 0 0
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Letters from Joseph F. Smith to His Adopted Son Edward Arthur Smith Folkman, Kevin H. 2013 Book Chapter 0 0
Personal Glimpses of Joseph F. Smith : Adolescent to Prophet Whitchurch, David M. 2013 Book Chapter 0 0
Germany before 1945 Kuehne, Raymond M. 2010 Book Chapter 0 3
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Letters from Liberty Jail Woodford, Robert J. 1984 Book Chapter 0 0
Ella Gilmer Smyth Peacock (1905-1999) : Spring City Resident Saint Mumford, Susan;Whitley, Colleen 2000 Book Chapter 0 0
Joseph Smith's Missouri Prison Letters and the Mormon Textual Community Grua, David W. 2018 Book Chapter 1 0
Women's Traces : The Words They Left Behind Madsen, Carol Cornwall;Anderson, Dawn H.;Cornwall, Marie 1991 Book Chapter 1 0
Women's Popular Literature as Theological Discourse : A Mormon Case Study, 1880-1920 Morrill, Susanna;Brekus, Catherine A. 2007 Book Chapter 1 20
The Religious Dimension of Emma Smith's Letters to Joseph Anderson, Richard Lloyd;Tate, Charles D., Jr.;Black, Susan Easton 1993 Book Chapter 1 0
Women of Letters : A Unique Literary Tradition Scott, Patricia Lyn;Thatcher, Linda;Topping, Gary 2005 Book Chapter 1 0
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Alice Merrill Horne, Cultural Entrepreneur Stovall, Mary E.;Madsen, Carol Cornwall;Arrington, Leonard J.;Arrington, Harriet Horne 1988 Book Chapter 2 0
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Mormon's Literary Technique The Association for Mormon Letters 1983 Book Chapter 3 18
'Like a Fire in My Bones' : The Reformation Correspondence between Brigham Young and George Q. Cannon Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel;Peterson, Paul H.;Hedges, Andrew H.;Freeman, Robert C.;Boone, David F. 1998 Book Chapter 3 0