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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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Appendix to History of the Prophet Joseph 1903 Journal Article 1 0
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Women's Letters from Nauvoo Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel 1995 Journal Article 2 0
'In Order to Be in Fashion I Am Called on a Mission' : Wilford Woodruff's Parting Letter to Emma as He Joins the 'Underground' Hartley, William G.;Woodruff, Wilford 1974 Journal Article 0 0
A Newly Discovered 1838 Wilford Woodruff Letter Woodruff, Wilford;Slover, Robert H. 1975 Journal Article 1 3
John Needham's Nauvoo Letter : 1843 Ward, Maurine Carr 1996 Journal Article 3 0
Will Dewey in Utah Dewey, William S.;Povlovich, Charles A., Jr. 1965 Journal Article 0 0
Light on the 'Mission to the Lamanites' Gentry, Leland H. 1996 Journal Article 13 6
Katharine Smith Salisbury and Lucy Smith Millikin's Attitudes Toward Succession, the Reorganized Church, and Their Smith Relatives in Utah Walker, Kyle R. 2002 Journal Article 2 6
Diversity in Nineteenth-Century St. Louis : A Scotsman's Description Cope, Rachel;Palmer, Robert D. 2011 Journal Article 0 6
Martin Harris's 1873 Letter to Walter Conrad Ashworth, Brent;Harris, Martin 1983 Journal Article 0 4
A Winter with the Mormons : The 1852 Letters of Jotham Goodell Bigler, David L.;Goodell, Jotham 2001 Book 21 69
A Puritan at Alder Gulch and the Great Salt Lake : Rev. Jonathan Blanchard's Letters from the West, 1864 Keller, Robert H., Jr. 1986 Journal Article 0 0
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"It is Thought They Will be Shot on the Grounds" : A Letter from Missourian Josiah Hendrick During the Mormon-Missouri Conflict Walker, Kyle R. 2009 Journal Article 0 2
A Note on Mormon Americana at Yale Holland, Jeffrey R. 1970 Journal Article 1 1
"Will the Murderers Be Hung?" : Albert Brown's 1844 Letter and the Martyrdom of Joseph Smith Merrill, Timothy G. 2006 Journal Article 1 14
The Lady and the Governor : Emma Hale Smith's and Thomas Carlin's 1842 Correspondence Smith, Alex D.;Hedges, Andrew H. 2008 Journal Article 0 3
Altijd aan het Reizen : Brieven van een Mormoonse emigrant naar Noord-Amerika, 1877-1913 Spitse, J. 2011 Book 0 0
Letter from David Whitmer to Nathan West Concerning Caldwell County, Missouri, Property Once Owned by King Follett Faulring, Scott H. 2000 Journal Article 0 9
Moses Thatcher and Mormon Beginnings in Mexico Godfrey, Kenneth W 1999 Journal Article 7 0
Letter from Mexico. Impressions of a Mormon Ivins, Anthony W. 1958 Journal Article 1 0
Mormon Boy at Oxford : Letters and Journal of Baltzar Hans Jacobson, Utah's First Rhodes Scholar Jacobson, Baltzar Hans, 1879-1930 1991 Book 0 0
Famous Last Words, or Through the Correspondence Files Bradford, Mary Lythgoe 2006 Journal Article 2 1
The Missionary Letters of George Ernest Clark, Sr. 1915-1917 Clark, George E.;Carroll, Leanne C. 2010 Book 0 0
Glorious News from the Salt Lake : The Millennial Star Mormon Trail Letters of Thomas Bullock Bullock, Thomas 1997 Book 1 0
A Brigham Young Letter to George Q. Cannon, 1859 Young, Brigham;Cooley, Everett L. 1985 Journal Article 2 12
'Had You Stood in the Presence of Peter' : A Letter from Oliver Cowdery to Phineas Young, 1846 Watt, Ronald G. 1977 Journal Article 0 0
A Historical A?ddress' from Wilford Woodruff to Heber C. Kimball and George A. Smith on the Opening of the City of London to Missionary Work, September 1840 Faulring, Scott H. 2000 Journal Article 0 8
A Letter from Stephen S. Harding to William H. Seward Harding, Stephen S. 1930 Journal Article 1 0
Letters from Exile : Plural Marriage from the Perspective of Martha Hughes Cannon Sillito, John R.;Lieber, Constance L. 1994 Journal Article 0 0
Inside Brigham Young : Abrahamic Tests as Preparation for Leadership Esplin, Ronald K. 1980 Journal Article 4 1
Margaret Emma Peery Vacation Diary, 1926 Mitchell, Margaret Emma Peery;Cook, Margaret Ann;Cook, Lyndon W. 2006 Book 0 0
"I Consider the Proper Authority Rests Among the Mormons" : Oran Brownson to Orestes Brownson on Oran's Conversion to Mormonism Grow, Matthew J. 2003 Journal Article 2 9
"Twenty Years Ago Today" : David O. McKay's Heart Petals Revisited Woodger, Mary Jane 2005 Journal Article 0 2
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