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From Housewife to Heretic Johnson, Sonia 1981 Book 24
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An Interview with Sonia Johnson Johnson, Sonia, Langlois, Karen S. 1982 Journal Article 1
Cultivating Legitimacy in a Religious Context : A Pan-Historical Analysis of Mormon Feminism Kinney, Tiffany Dawn 2017 Dissertation
Negotiating Controversy over Forty Years Dushku, Judith Rasmussen 2016 Journal Article
Evolution into Self : A Mormon Woman's Struggle to Reconcile Radical Feminism and Religion Bitter, Caroline Sarah 2008 Dissertation
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Changes in Religious Beliefs in Political Activists : Three Case Studies Karl, Susan L. 1988 Dissertation
The Issues in Review 1980 Journal Article
Sonia Johnson and Mormon Political Power Howard, Barbara 1980 Journal Article
Church and State : Separation Without Substance Kimball, Tony 1980 Journal Article
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Sonia Johnson, Mormonism, and the Media Shipps, Jan 1980 Journal Article
Mormons & Women Slaght-Griffin, Marilyn, Terry, Ann, Terry, Elizabeth 1980 Book
Results 1–23 of 23