Studies in Mormon History

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International Diplomacy and the Church Crosby, Wayne D., Neilson, Reid L. 2018 Book Chapter
By Persuasion, Long-suffering, Meekness, and Love : On Diplomacy Crosby, Wayne D., Neilson, Reid L. 2018 Book Chapter
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Yang Sesat yang Berkembang Pesat, Identitas Gereja Mormon dalam ruang Publik Semarang [A Heretic is Growing Rapidly, the Identity of the Mormon Church in the Public Space] Kholiludin, Tedi 2009 Book Chapter
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Building Bridges of Understanding Through Church Humanitarian Assistance Flake, Garry R. 2008 Book Chapter
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Make unto Yourselves Friends Christofferson, D. Todd 1998 Book Chapter
Government Relations and the Church Evans, William S. 1998 Book Chapter
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Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus Biddulph, Howard L. 1997 Book Chapter
Russia Browning, Gary L. 1997 Book Chapter
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