Studies in Mormon History

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Condescension and Fullness : LDS Christology in Conversation with Historic Christianity Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
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A Treasure Trove of Research Resources about Historical Latter-day Saint Women Lamb, Connie 2020 Journal Article 1
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The “New Woman” and the Woman’s Exponent : An Editorial Perspective Madsen, Carol Cornwall 2020 Journal Article 1
A Harmony of Voices : Negotiating Latter-day Saint Unity on Women’s Suffrage Clark, Rebekah Ryan 2020 Journal Article 1
First to Vote : Utah's Unique Place in the Suffrage Movement Kitterman, Katherine 2020 Journal Article 1
When Did Joseph Smith Know the Father and the Son Have “Tangible” Bodies? Welch, John W. 2020 Journal Article 7
The Visions of Zion : A Century of Documenting the Latter-day Saint Experience at the Huntington Library Blodgett, Peter J. 2020 Journal Article 4
Not the First but the Second : Changing Latter-day Saint Emphases on Joseph Smith’s First Vision Bennett, Richard E. 2020 Journal Article 12
Joseph Smith and Modernism Lyman, Richard R. 2020 Journal Article 4
The First Vision as a Prehistory of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Flake, Kathleen 2020 Journal Article 8
Raising the Stakes : How Joseph Smith’s First Vision Became All or Nothing Harper, Steven C. 2020 Journal Article 38
The First Vision and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Curtis, LeGrand R. 2020 Journal Article 12
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The Kingdom and the Church : The Anointed, the Fifty, and Alpheus Cutler's Claims Jorgensen, Danny L. 2019 Journal Article 85
Placing Juanita Brooks Among the Heroes [or Villians] of Mormon and Utah History Saunders, Richard L. 2019 Journal Article 40
Another Gridded Street Plan? Grim, Ronald E. 2019 Journal Article 1
Grafting Indians and Mormons Together on Great Plains Reservations Brooks, Taylor, Buckley, Jay H., Cochran, Kathryn, Hollist, Kristen 2019 Book Chapter
Faith Across Cultures : Research on Mormonism in Oceania Barber, Ian 2019 Journal Article 29
Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon: Co-Founders of a Movement Shields, Steven L. 2019 Journal Article
A Documentary History of the Book of Mormon Morris, Larry E. 2019 Book 1 165
The Natural World and the Establishment of Zion, 1831-1833 Godfrey, Matthew C. 2019 Book Chapter 15
History, Nature, and Mormon Historiography Rogers, Jedediah Smart 2019 Book Chapter 44
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Zion’s Landing : Riverboating in Old Nauvoo, 1839-1860 Allen, Michael Craig 2019 Journal Article
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Reexamining the Radical : Stephen Holbrook and the Utah Strategy for Protesting the Vietnam War Thomas, Scott K. 2018 Journal Article 11
Tools and Instruments Clayson, Jocelyn Jones 2018 Journal Article 1
Patriarchal Order, or Plurality of Wives! Spencer, Orson 2018 Book 3
A Renewal of the Faith : The Origins and Progress of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Griffiths, Casey Paul 2018 Journal Article 44
The Church and the Global Community Crosby, Wayne D., Neilson, Reid L. 2018 Book Chapter
Migration - It's in Our Blood : Implications for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Crosby, Wayne D., Neilson, Reid L. 2018 Book Chapter
Why Don't Mormons Have a Lost Cause? Milner, Clyde A. II 2018 Journal Article 12
"To Buy Up the Lamanite Children as Fast as They Could" : Indentured Servitude and Its Legacy in Mormon Society Cannon, Brian Q. 2018 Journal Article 1 31
To Expound Scriptures, and to Exhort the Church : Nineteenth-Century Mormon Women and Public Discourse Reeder, Jennifer 2017 Journal Article 31
Learning to Like Life : A Tribute to Lowell Bennion Handley, George B. 2017 Book
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“Clambering to the rugged mountaintop with Aunt Emma”: The Hale Family’s Ongoing Engagement with Mormonism in Illinois Walker, Kyle R. 2017 Journal Article 24