Studies in Mormon History

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The Joseph Smith Papers : Documents, Volume 3 : February 1833-March 1834 Dirkmaat, Gerrit John, Hartley, William G., Rogers, Brent M., Underwood, Grant, Woodford, Robert J. 2014 Book 13
The Autobiography and Interview of Jane Elizabeth Manning James Newell, Quincy D. 2013 Journal Article 6 1
Making Sense of the Doctrine & Covenants : A Guided Tour Through Modern Revelations Harper, Steven C. 2008 Book 3
Intertextuality and the Purpose of Joseph Smith's New Translation of the Bible Wayment, Thomas A. 2018 Book Chapter 3
Rachel's Death : How Memory Challenges History Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher 2004 Book 3
The Dictation, Compilation, and Canonization of Joseph Smith's Revelations Underwood, Grant 2018 Book Chapter 2
The Miraculous Timing of the Translation of the Book of Mormon Welch, John W. 2005 Book Chapter 2
The "Caractors" Document : New Light on an Early Transcription of the Book of Mormon Characters Dirkmaat, Gerrit John, Jensen, Robin Scott, MacKay, Michael Hubbard 2013 Journal Article 2
Revisionist History and the Document Diggers Howard, Richard P. 1986 Journal Article 2
The Document Diggers and Their Discoveries : A Panel May, Cheryll L. 1986 Journal Article 2
Textual Criticism and the Book of Mormon Hardy, Grant R. 2018 Book Chapter 1
Women in Utah History : Participants and Preservers, Sources for Women's History Women in Utah History Task Force of the Utah State International Women's Year Coordinating Committee 1977 Book 1
Document Dealing : A Dealer's Response Bench, Curt 1986 Journal Article 1
The Damage Done : An Archivist's View Johnson, Jeffery Ogden 1986 Journal Article 1 4
The Hofmann Case : Six Issues Roberts, Allen D. 1986 Journal Article 1
Foundational Texts of Mormonism : Examining Major Early Sources Ashurst-McGee, Mark, Howcroft, Sharalyn D., Jensen, Robin Scott 2018 Book
The "Hymn of the Pearl" : An Ancient Counterpart to "O My Father" Garrison, James V., Welch, John W. 1996 Journal Article 1
Joseph Smith's Missouri Prison Letters and the Mormon Textual Community Grua, David W. 2018 Book Chapter
The Gold Plates as Foundational Text Bushman, Richard L. 2018 Book Chapter
Introduction Ashurst-McGee, Mark, Howcroft, Sharalyn D., Jensen, Robin Scott 2018 Book Chapter
Statistical Content Analysis of Historical Documents : A Case for Social Science Analysis in Mormon Studies Shepherd, Gary, Shepherd, Gordon 2016 Book Chapter 9
Orson Pratt and Orson Hyde, "A Bill for the relief of 'the Latter Day Saints,' exiled from the State of Missouri in the Winter of 1838 and 1839, [April 26, 1844]" Mahas, Jeffrey, McBride, Spencer W. 2015 Journal Article 5
Leonard Arrington and the RLDS Church Prince, Gregory A. 2014 Journal Article
Rough Stone Rising : The Joseph Smith Papers Project Mastromarino, Mark A. 2015 Journal Article
"Myself . . . I Consecrate to the God of Heaven" : Twenty Affidavits of Consecration in Nauvoo, June-July 1842 Farnes, Sherilyn, Schaefer, Mitchell K. 2011 Journal Article 10
Rare Mormon Documents Go on Display for the First Time Stack, Peggy Fletcher 2014 Journal Article
Chile : Segunda parte : investigación histórica Curbelo, Nestor Book
The Documents : A Historian's Approach Allen, James B. 1986 Journal Article 2
Hunting for LDS Documents : An Interview with Mark Hofmann Hofmann, Mark W. 1982 Journal Article
'I Didn't Want to Leave the House, but He Compelled Me To' : A Personal Examination of a Mormon Family Peterson, F. Ross 2005 Book
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