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The Sanctification of Mormonism's Historical Geography Madsen, Michael H. 2008 Journal Article 5 34
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The Mormon Prophet's Illinois Legacy as Revealed in the Community of Christ's Historic Restoration in Nauvoo Shireman, Joyce 2005 Journal Article 2 10
A Brief History of the John Whitmer Historical Association Russell, William D. 2002 Journal Article 1 15
Preserving the History of the Latter-day Saints Harper, Steven C., Turley, Richard E., Jr. 2010 Book 1
In Lieu of History : Mormon Monuments and the Shaping of Memory Laga, Barry 2010 Journal Article 1 1
Palmyra Revisited : The New York Mission of Willard W. and Rebecca P. Bean, 1915-1939 Boone, David F. 2002 Book Chapter 1
Wilford Woodruff's 1897 Testimony Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel, Smoot, Stephen H. 2010 Book Chapter 1
A Tale of Two Bells : Nauvoo Bell and Hummer's Bell Watt, Ronald G. 2000 Journal Article 1
Recreating Kirtland's Physical Past : How Well Did We Do? Enders, Donald L. 2004 Journal Article 1
A History of Restoring Historic Kirtland Olsen, Steven L. 2004 Journal Article 1
Historic Preservation in Utah, 1960-1980 Haggerty, John W. 1980 Dissertation 1
The Last Days of the Coalville Tabernacle Geary, Edward A. 1970 Journal Article 1
Discovering Chesterfield Call, Craig M. 1981 Journal Article 1
Restorations Belong to Everyone Jacobsen, Florence S. 1978 Journal Article 1 3
The Lesson of Coalville Salisbury, Paul G. 1970 Journal Article 1
The Coalville Tabernacle : A Photographic Essay Hill, Douglas, Wood, Thomas 1967 Journal Article 1
Wilford Wood's Twentieth-Century Treks East: A Visionary's Mission to Preserve Historic Sites Bennett, Richard E., Black, Susan Easton, Esplin, Scott C., Haws, J. B., Manscill, Craig K. 2015 Journal Article
Nauvoo Illinois Historic Site : A Facilities Management Perspective Cluff, Casey 2017 Dissertation
Writing about the International Church : A Personal Odyssey in Mexico Tullis, F. LaMond 2016 Journal Article 13
Modern Efforts to Preserve Church History Esplin, Ronald K. 2010 Book Chapter
Wasatch Stake Tabernacle : Redefining Pioneers Fillerup, Lisa Ottesen 2010 Journal Article 4
The Historic Gate at Brigham Young Academy Square Smoot, L. Douglas 2008 Journal Article
Building Zion McArthur, Aaron J. 2006 Journal Article
Historic Preservation : A Utah Case Study Sturgis, Cynthia Jane 1978 Book
The Historic Gilbert and Whitney Store Restored Price, Richard 2004 Journal Article
Historic Kirtland Restoration Completed Staker, Mark L. 2004 Journal Article
Documenting Historic Site Restorations : Some Brief Examples from Kirtland Staker, Mark L. 2004 Journal Article 1
Interpreting Kirtland's Historic Sites Lund, Jennifer L. 2004 Journal Article 2
Renovation Transforms SLC's 10th Ward from a Maze to Amazing Thompson, Lisa C 2000 Journal Article
Historic Preservation in the Rocky Mountain West (Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico) Lubick, Diana Clark 1987 Dissertation
Restore the Manti Temple? Haglund, Karl T. 1979 Journal Article
Confessions of a Mormon Preservationist Call, Craig M. 1977 Journal Article
Building of the Vernal Utah Temple Jackson, Roger P. 1998 Journal Article
Restoring the Rexburg Tabernacle Wilding, D. D. 1985 Journal Article
The Salt Lake Temple Story Anderson, Edward O., Zobell, Albert L., Jr. 1965 Journal Article
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