Studies in Mormon History

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History of Utah Whitney, Orson F. 1892-1904 Book 128
History of Utah 1540-1886 Bancroft, Hubert Howe 1889 Book 116
The History of Salt Lake City and Its Founders Tullidge, Edward W. 1886 Book 96
History of Utah, 1847-1869 Neff, Andrew Love 1940 Book 70
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah Esshom, Frank Ellwood 1913 Book 70
Establishing Zion : The Mormon Church in the American West, 1847-69 Campbell, Eugene E. 1988 Book 63
Utah's History Alexander, Thomas G., Campbell, Eugene E., Miller, David E., Poll, Richard D. 1978 Book 62
Forgotten Kingdom : The Mormon Theocracy in the American West, 1847-1896 Bigler, David L. 1998 Book 58 209
Utah : The Right Place. The Official Centennial History Alexander, Thomas G. 1995 Book 46
Tullidge's Histories. Volume II Tullidge, Edward W. 1889 Book 33
Life of Brigham Young : or, Utah and Her Founders Tullidge, Edward W. 1876 Book 33
The Peoples of Utah Papanikolas, Helen Z. 1976 Book 31
Utah and the Mormons : The History, Government, Doctrines, Customs, and Prospects of the Latter-day Saints Ferris, Benjamin G. 1854 Book 30
Utah and the Nation Creer, Leland H. 1929 Book 27
Utah : A Guide to the State Writers' Program, Works Projects Administration 1941 Book 23
The Founding of an Empire : The Exploration and Colonization of Utah, 1776-1856 Creer, Leland H. 1947 Book 20
Utah : A People's History May, Dean L. 1987 Book 17
Utah : A Centennial History Sutton, Wain 1949 Book 16
Utah As It Is, with a Comprehensive Statement of Utah As It Was Kenner, S. A. 1904 Book 16
The Founding of Utah Young, Levi Edgar 1923 Book 16
Popular History of Utah Whitney, Orson F. 1916 Book 15
History of Utah Stout, Wayne D. 1967-71 Book 15
Utah Gazetteer and Directory of Logan, Ogden, Provo and Salt Lake Cities, for 1884 Sloan, Robert Wallace 1884 Book 12
Utah's Heritage Ellsworth, S. George 1972 Book 10
Utah in Her Western Setting Hunter, Milton R. 1943 Book 9
Outline History of Utah and the Mormons Larson, Gustive O. 1958 Book 8
This is the Place : Utah Whipple, Maurine 1945 Book 8
Utah : A Bicentennial History Smart, William B., Smith, Henry A. 1976 Book 6
Utah, the Story of Her People, 1540-1947 : A Centennial History of Utah Hunter, Milton R. 1946 Book 6
Utah and the Mormons Hemingway, Donald W. 1979 Book 6
Utah : the Land of Blossoming Valleys James, George Wharton 1922 Book 6
Utah : A History Peterson, Charles S. 1977 Book 5
In Another Time : Sketches of Utah History Schindler, Harold 1998 Book 5
Utah : The Struggle for Statehood Firmage, Richard A., Verdoia, Ken 1996 Book 3
A World We Thought We Knew : Readings in Utah History McCormick, John S., Sillito, John R. 1995 Book 2
The Story of Utah, the Beehive State Evans, John Henry 1933 Book 2
Utah : Inside the Church State Ferrell, John Aloysius 1982 Book 2
Utah, Unusual Beginning to Unique Present Hinton, Wayne K. 1988 Book 2
The Utah Story Hunter, Milton R. 1960 Book 2
Utah, A Guide to the State : Revised Travel Guide Camoin, Francois, Scholl, Barry 1998 Book 2
Utah's Story Thornley, John D. 1942 Book 2
Directions for Mormon Studies in the Twenty-First Century Mason, Patrick Q. 2016 Book 1
The Story of the Mormon Pioneers Harmer, Mabel 1944 Book 1
Utah Jones, Marcus E. 1902 Book 1
Utah The Incredible Land : A Guide to the Beehive State Roylance, Ward J. 1965 Book 1
Red Stockings and Out-of-Towners : Sports in Utah Layton, Stanford J. 2003 Book
Wrecks of Human Ambition : A History of Utah's Canyon Country to 1936 Nelson, Paul Thomas 2014 Book
Utah, the Inland Empire Sargent, Arthur T. 1902 Book
Deseret, 1776-1976 : A Bicentennial Illustrated History of Utah Deseret News 1975 Book
The New Utah's Heritage Ellsworth, S. George 1985 Book