Studies in Mormon History

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The Mormons : Looking Forward and Outward Shipps, Jan 1978 Journal Article 11
From Racist Stereotype to Ethnic Identity : Instrumental Uses of Mormon Racial Doctrine Murphy, Thomas W 1999 Journal Article 8
The Mormon Search for Community in the Modern World Allen, James B. 1973 Book Chapter 4
The Expanding Church Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1976 Journal Article 3
History of the Church : c. 1945-1990, Post World War II International Era Period Allen, James B., Cowan, Richard O. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 2
They Made Mormon History Day, Robert B. 1968 Book 2
The Latter-day Century Cowan, Richard O. 2000 Book Chapter 1
The Mormons Brewer, David Leslie 1968 Book Chapter 1
The Twenty-First Century : Challenge and Opportunity Morrison, Alexander B. 2003 Book Chapter 1
The Neglected Story of Mormonism Today : What Mike Wallace Missed Shipps, Jan 1996 Journal Article 1
The 'Negro Problem,' the 'Mormon Problem,' and the Pursuit of 'Usefulness' in the White American Republic Mueller, Max Perry 2019 Journal Article
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Cowles, Le Roy Eugene 1948 Book Chapter
Some Ideas Concerning the History of the Church since 1950 Allen, James B. 1978 Book Chapter
'May the Kingdom of God Go Forth' Jensen, Marlin K. 2000 Book Chapter
A Lengthening Stride, 1951 Through 1999 Top, Brent L. 2000 Book Chapter
History of the Church : c. 1898-1945, Transitions : Early-Twentieth-Century Period Sadler, Richard W., Walker, Ronald W. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 12
Mormons and the 'Mainstream' Williams, Peter W. 1990 Book Chapter
Mystics against the Market : American Religions and the Autocritique of Capitalism Olsen, Jennifer, Rodseth, Lars 2000 Journal Article
Let's Study the Twentieth Century Allen, James B. 1964 Journal Article
Mormonism Today O'Dea, Thomas F. 1963 Journal Article
The Mormons--Strong Voice in the West O'Dea, Thomas F. 1961 Journal Article
The Mormon Church-into the '90s Richards, John 1990 Journal Article
Mormons : The Most Peculiar People of All Sinclair-Faulkner, Tom 1983 Journal Article
The Mormon Bach, Marcus 1951 Book
Results 1–24 of 24