Studies in Mormon History

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The Historical Record Jenson, Andrew 1882 Book 29
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The Truth About Mormonism Smith, Joseph Fielding 1905 Journal Article 5
The Mormons or Latter-day Saints Arthur, T. S., Carpenter, William Henry 1854 Book Chapter 4
History of Seneca County, from the Close of the Revolutionary War to July, 1880 Lang, William 1880 Book 4
National Culture, Personality, and Theocracy in the Early Mormon Culture of Violence Quinn, D. Michael 2002 Journal Article 3 121
The Latter-day Saints in the Far West, 1847-1900 Arrington, Leonard J., Quinn, D. Michael 1973 Book Chapter 3
Beyond Existing Bounds Marty, Martin E. 1983 Book Chapter 3
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'Written in the Style of Antiquity' : Pseudo-Biblicism and the Early American Republic, 1770–1830 Shalev, Eran 2010 Journal Article 2
The Political Attitude of the Mormons Goodwin, Charles Carroll 1881 Journal Article 2
Le Mormonisme et les États-Unis Reclus, Élisée 1861 Journal Article 2
History of the Church : c. 1831-1844, Ohio, Missouri, and Nauvoo Periods Backman, Milton V., Jr., Esplin, Ronald K. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 2
The Mormons, or Latter Day Saints Smucker, Samuel Mosheim 1867 Book Chapter 2
Latter Day Saints Smith, Joseph, Jr. 1844 Book Chapter 2
A New View of Mormonism Barclay, James W. 1884 Journal Article 2
Early Scenes and Incidents in the Church [Letters to W. W. Phelps] Cowdery, Oliver 1835 Journal Article 2
The Mormons Lossing, Benson John 1853 Journal Article 2
History of the Church Cannon, George Q. 1874 Journal Article 2
The Great West Howe, Henry 1857 Book 2
Seven Trails West Peters, Arthur King 1999 Book 2
The Great Salt Lake Trail Cody, William F., Inman, Henry 1913 Book 2
Central America : Saints in Six Nations Grow in the Gospel Anonymous 1977 Journal Article 1
Infant Salvation : Book of Mormon Theology in a Nineteenth-Century Context Easton-Flake, Amy Book Chapter 1
Histoire des Sectes religieuses au XIXe siècle Maury, Alfred 1853 Journal Article 1
Mormon Pageants as American Historical Performance LoMonaco, Martha S. 2009 Journal Article 1
Development : 1831-1844 Taysom, Stephen C. 2010 Encyclopedia Article 1
The Rise of the Mormon Kingdom of God Hill, Marvin S. 1978 Book Chapter 1
The Great Basin Frontier, 1830-1846 Billington, Ray Allen, Ridge, Martin 1949 Book Chapter 1
An Epitome of the History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Jenson, Andrew 1893 Book Chapter 1
The Genesis of Mormonism Shipps, Jan 1995 Book Chapter 1
A Painfully Interesting Problem : The Case of the Mormons Weisbrod, Carol 1980 Book Chapter 1
Chronicles of Utah Wells, Junius F. 1881 Journal Article 1
The Mormons Gibbons, J. 1879 Journal Article 1
The Two Prophets of Mormonism Hassard, John R. G. 1878 Journal Article 1
History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Smith, Heman C. 1916 Journal Article 1
The Story of 'Mormonism' Talmage, James E. 1901 Journal Article 1
'Mormonism' By Its Head Snow, Lorenzo 1901 Journal Article 1
Jesse Smith's 1814 Protest Smith, Jesse 1993 Journal Article 1 8
The Golden State : A History of the Region West of the Rocky Mountains McClellan, R. Guy 1872 Book 1
Incidents of Pioneer Life in the Early Settlement of the Connecticut Western Reserve Rice, Harvey 1881 Book 1
A Mormon view of life Bennion, Lowell C. 1991 Journal Article
Early Nineteenth-Century America and the Book of Mormon Curtis, Susan 1990 Book Chapter
Agency in the Lives of Contemporary Women Bushman, Claudia L. 2016 Book
More Than Faith : Latter-Day Saint Women as Politically Aware and Active Americans, 1830-1860 Davidson, Kim M. 2017 Dissertation
The One Hundred and Forty-Five Years of the Latter Day Saint Movement Cheville, Roy A. 1985 Journal Article
Birth of Joseph Smith : December 23rd, 1805 Cavendish, Richard 2005 Journal Article
Conflict : 1869-1890 Reeve, W. Paul 2010 Encyclopedia Article