Studies in Mormon History

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Exhibiting Mormonism : The Latter-day Saints and the 1893 Chicago World's Fair Neilson, Reid L. 2011 Book 22 131
The Paradox of Mormon Folklore Wilson, William A. 1976 Journal Article 14 4
The Mormon Landscape : Definition of an Image in the American West Francaviglia, Richard V. 2013 Book Chapter 7
Mormon Healer and Folk Poet : Mary Susannah Fowler's Life of 'Unselfish Service' Brady, Margaret K. 2000 Book 5
Hay Derricks of the Great Basin and Upper Snake River Valley Fife, Austin E. 2013 Book Chapter 4
"Gringo Jeringo" : Anglo Mormon Missionary Culture in Bolivia Knowlton, David C. 2013 Book Chapter 3
Orrin Porter Rockwell : The Modern Samson Larson, Gustive O. 2013 Book Chapter 3
Early Mormon "Magic" : Insights from Folklore and from Literature Allred, David A. 2013 Book Chapter 3
The Ballad of the "Mountain Meadows Massacre" Toelken, J. Barre 2013 Book Chapter 2 1
The Great and Dreadful Day : Mormon Folklore of the Apocalypse Peterson, Susan 2013 Book Chapter 2
Now that I've Kissed the Ground You Walk On : A Look at Gender in Creative Date Invitations Bell, Kristi 2013 Book Chapter 2
Dime Novel Mormons Austin, Michael, Parshall, Ardis E. 2017 Book 1
Mormon Folk Culture Eliason, Eric A. 2015 Book Chapter 1
Mormonism, the Maori, and Cultural Authenticity Underwood, Grant 2013 Book Chapter 1
Beyond Deseret : An Introduction to Mormon Folklore in an International Context Eliason, Eric A., Mould, Tom 2013 Book Chapter 1
Nameways in Latter-day Saint History, Custom, and Folklore Eliason, Eric A. 2013 Book Chapter 1
Survival and continuity in literature by and about Old Order Hutterite, Mennonite, and Amish groups Hamel, Elsie W. 2007 Dissertation
"Of Course, in Guatemala, Bananas are Better" : Exotic and Familiar Eating Experiences of Mormon Missionaries Rudy, Jill Terry 2013 Book Chapter
On Being Human : The Folklore of Mormon Missionaries Wilson, William A. 2013 Book Chapter
Hierarch and Mule-skinner : A Selection from Mormon Country Stegner, Wallace 2013 Book Chapter
For Time and Eternity : BYU Coed Jokes and the Seriousness of Mormon Humor Siporin, Steve 2013 Book Chapter
Sanpete County Humor : The Tales and the Tellers Geary, Edward A 2013 Book Chapter
As the Saints Go Marching By : Modern Jokelore Concerning Mormons Brunvand, Jan Harold 2013 Book Chapter
Humor : An Introduction Eliason, Eric A., Mould, Tom 2013 Book Chapter
Portraits in Song : Gleanings from the Brigham Young Folk Song Cycle Rudy, Jill Terry 2013 Book Chapter
Fate and the Persecutors of Joseph Smith : Transmutations of an American Myth Poulsen, Richard C. 2013 Book Chapter
Pioneers, Heroes, and the Historical Imagination : An Introduction Eliason, Eric A., Mould, Tom 2013 Book Chapter
Narratives of Personal Revelation among Latter-Day Saints Mould, Tom 2013 Book Chapter
Transformations of Power : Mormon Women's Visionary Narratives Brady, Margaret K. 2013 Book Chapter
Freeways, Parking Lots, and Ice Cream Stands : The Three Nephites in Contemporary Society Wilson, William A. 2013 Book Chapter
The Sacred and the Supernatural : An Introduction Eliason, Eric A., Mould, Tom 2013 Book Chapter
The Beehive Buffet Hatch, Anne F. 2013 Book Chapter
Made in Heaven : Marriage Confirmation Narratives Among Mormons Schoemaker, George H. 2013 Book Chapter
Mormon Gravestones : A Folk Expression of Identity and Belief Edison, Carol A. 2013 Book Chapter
The Beehive in Utah Folk Art Cannon, Hal 2013 Book Chapter
Utah Mormons Dorson, Richard M. 2013 Book Chapter
Mormondom as Regional Culture : An Introduction to Society, Symbols, and Landscape Eliason, Eric A., Mould, Tom 2013 Book Chapter
Introduction : The Three Nephites and the History of Mormon Folklore Studies Eliason, Eric A., Mould, Tom 2013 Book Chapter
Scottish Immigrants and the Muse : Verses from the Dust Buchanan, Frederick S. 1985 Journal Article
William Carter, the Bensontown Home Barry, Phillips 1912 Journal Article
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