Studies in Mormon History

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Ezra Taft Benson and the Family Farm Cannon, Brian Q. 2019 Book Chapter 7
Cooperation and Competition : Community Building Among Farmers in Providence, Utah, 1940-1960 Howard, Amy C. 2019 Journal Article 9
Finding the Soul in the Soil: How Welfare Farms of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Create Spiritual Communities Maughan, Matthew 2012 Dissertation
Mormon Movement to Montana Wright, Julie A., Wright, Julie A. 2004 Dissertation
Sheep, Swine, & Saints : Economic Development in Cache County, Utah, 1860-1890 Arne, Christopher L. 1994 Dissertation
An Analysis of Land Use in Twelve Communities in Utah Valley, Utah County, Utah Layton, Robert L. 1963 Dissertation
History of Irrigation Development in Idaho Lewis, Mary Grennell 1924 Dissertation
The Role of Brigham Young University in the Arab Development Society Dairy Project For Palestinian Orphans : A Case Study in Private Bilateral Foreign Aid Olson, Daneil C. 1985 Dissertation
The Deseret Livestock Company, 1891-1933 Moss, James R. 1965 Dissertation
Irrigation as a Factor in Western History, 1847-1890 Strebel, George L. 1966 Dissertation
Evolution and Development of the Mormon Welfare Farms Rathjen, Milford Randall 1969 Dissertation
Results 1–22 of 22