Studies in Mormon History

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The Redoubtable John Pack : Pioneer, Proselyter, Patriarch Bitton, Davis 1982 Book 3
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The History of the RLDS Church/Community of Christ in France Vanel, Chrystal 2010 Journal Article 2 5
Biography of Ann Howell Burt Valentine, Sophy 2010 Journal Article 2
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France Olson, Camille Fronk 2000 Encyclopedia Article 1
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President Louis Bertrand and the Closure of the French Mission, 1859-64 McClellan, Richard D. 2003 Book Chapter 1
Mormonism in France : The Family as a Universal Value in a Globalizing Religion Jarvis,John 2000 Book Chapter 1
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Les Mormons et la France : Regard Franc?ais sur les Mormons des E?tats-Unis (1850-1896) et Pre?sence de l'E?glise Mormone en France (1850-1997) Ortolland, Christelle 1998 Dissertation
Fictional Documentary : The Other as France in Mérimée's 'Les Mormons' Cropper, Corry L. 2001 Book Chapter
Champion of Freedom in the Modern World : France Cardon, Louis B. 2005 Book Chapter
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Lo?n Fargier : His Faith Wouldn't Go Underground Marie, Alain 1991 Journal Article
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