Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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Doctrine : Meaning, Source, History, and Doctrine Bradford, M. Gerald, Dahl, Larry E. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 1 2
D&C 20-22 Ludlow, Daniel H., Underwood, Grant Encyclopedia Article
Millenarianism Ludlow, Daniel H., Underwood, Grant Encyclopedia Article
Mormonism Landes, Richard, Underwood, Grant Encyclopedia Article
Plural Marriage (Polygamy) Hillerbrand, Hans J., Underwood, Grant Encyclopedia Article
Pearl of Great Price Reference Companion Largey, Dennis L. 2017 Book 95
Teacher, Scholar, Administrator : A Conversation with Robert J. Matthews Baugh, Alexander L. 2004 Journal Article
Mormonism and Wikipedia : The Church History That "Anyone Can Edit" Nicholson, Roger 2012 Journal Article 17
Doctrine & Covenants Encyclopedia Brewster, Hoyt W., Jr. 2012 Book
Mormon Temple Brockman, Norbert C. 2011 Book Chapter
Mormons Minahan, James 2013 Book Chapter
Encyclopedias McClellan, Richard D. 2000 Encyclopedia Article
The A to Z of the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Cowan, Richard O., Manscill, Craig K. 2008 Book
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