Studies in Mormon History

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History of the Church in Taiwan in the 1970s Chou, Po Nien (Felipe) 2016 Book Chapter 2
Closing the Church College of New Zealand : A Case Study in Church Education Policy Esplin, Scott C. 2011 Journal Article 2 16
The Globalization of the Church Educational System Christensen, Joe J. 2008 Book Chapter 2
Closing the Church College of New Zealand : A Case Study in International Church Education Policy Esplin, Scott C. 2008 Book Chapter 1
A Beacon to the Isles of the Sea : How Education Brought Gospel Light to Kiribati Jacob, W. James 2005 Book Chapter 1
The History of Seminaries and Institutes in Mongolia Chou, Petra
, Chou, Po Nien (Felipe)
2019 Journal Article
Laying the Foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hong Kong : Seminary and Institute Programs Woodger, Mary Jane 2018 Journal Article
History of Seminaries and Institutes in Hong Kong Chou, Petra
, Chou, Po Nien (Felipe)
2018 Journal Article 6
The Globalization of Latter-day Saint Education Esplin, Scott C., Griffiths, Casey Paul, Randall, E. Vance 2018 Journal Article 30
HĂ©roes de ChapĂșltepec : A Place to Procure an Education Gardner, Barbara Morgan, Mera, Ricardo Meza, Wakley, Janelle Morgan 2019 Journal Article 6
An International Perspective in Teaching Church History and Doctrine and Covenants Cannon, Donald Q. 2006 Journal Article 11
Teaching for Conversion : Recent Refinements in Teaching and Learning Smith, Adam N. 2016 Journal Article 1
A Century of LDS Church Schools in Mexico Influenced by Lamanite Identity Morgan, Barbara E. 2016 Book Chapter
A Life-history Analysis of Achievement of Maori and Pacific Island Students at the Church College of New Zealand Solomon, Tereapii Elinora 2008 Dissertation
Religious Freedom in Belgium : A Limited Study of Challenges as Experienced by LDS Children and Youth in Flemish Classrooms from the 1970's until Today Sherlock-Taselaar, Ingrid 2010 Journal Article
The Church in Brazil : An Interview with CES Director Paulo Grahl Grahl, Paulo 2010 Journal Article
Louis and Barbara Durfee's CES Mission to Kiribati Warner, Megan E., Wright, Dennis A. 2008 Book Chapter
The Brigham Young University Study Abroad Programs in Europe : A Comparison with Other College and Univeristy Programs to Determine their Academic, Cultural, Social, and Spiritual Advantage Warner, Doris S. 1981 Dissertation
Private Education Initiatives by Latter-day Saints Randall, E. Vance, Wilson, Chris 2008 Book Chapter
Education and Provident Living in an Expanding Church Weston, A. Bryan 2008 Book Chapter
Education, the Church, and Globalization Carmack, John K. 2008 Book Chapter
Labor Missions in Tonga and Hawai'i Feinga, Adele F. 2005 Book Chapter
David O. McKay's Progressive Educational Ideas and Practices, 1899-1922 Woodger, Mary Jane 2004 Journal Article 16
Religious Education : A Leaven for a Troubled World Peterson Stanley A. 1995 Book Chapter
A Determination of Problems Encountered by L.D.S. American Teachers in Samoa in 1965-71 and the Development of a Program to Orient Future Teachers That Will be Employed in LDS Schools in Samoa Ioane, Pula Pitone 1971 Dissertation
Education, the Church, and Globalization David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, BYU 2001 Book
Results 1–26 of 26