Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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My Experience at Saint Paul School of Theology Russell, William D. 2019 Journal Article
Frederick Madison Smith : The Formative Years of an RLDS President Hunt, Larry E. Journal Article 3 4
Teaching Mormonism in the Catholic Classroom Schmalz, Mathew N., Sherlock, Richard 2004 Journal Article 2 6
An International Perspective in Teaching Church History and Doctrine and Covenants Cannon, Donald Q. 2006 Journal Article 11
Teacher, Scholar, Administrator : A Conversation with Robert J. Matthews Baugh, Alexander L. 2004 Journal Article
Keeping Faith Afloat Jensen, Devan 2016 Journal Article
S&I In-Service Meetings: A Global Perspective Chou, Po Nien (Felipe) 2016 Journal Article
Pedagogical Impulses and Incommensurables : Lived Mormonism in Hong Kong Ford, Stacilee 2016 Journal Article 2
Pedagogy of the Spirit : Comparing Evangelical and Latter Day Saint Youth Self-Reported In-Class Spiritual Experiences Gardner, Ryan S., Sweat, Anthony, Wong, Arch Chee Keen 2016 Journal Article
"You Can Make Your Own Bright Future, Tom Trails" : Evaluating the Impact of the LDS Indian Seminary Program Esplin, Scott C. 2016 Journal Article 7
Engaging Intellect and Feeding Faith : A Conversation with Robert L. Millet Newell, Lloyd D. 2014 Journal Article
The Enhanced Lecture : An Effective Classroom Model Hopkin, Shon D., Huntington, Ray L. 2014 Journal Article
The Power of the Written Word Holland, Jeffrey R. 2014 Journal Article 1
Helping Students Interact with the Word of God Linford, Steven T 2014 Journal Article
Teaching for Conversion : Recent Refinements in Teaching and Learning Smith, Adam N. 2016 Journal Article 1
The Role of Art in Teaching Latter-day Saint History and Doctrine Sweat, Anthony 2015 Journal Article 2
Perspectives from the Global Expansion of Latter-day Saint Religious Education Griffiths, Casey Paul, LeBaron, E. Dale 2016 Journal Article 8
Give Me My Myths Larson, Lynne 2012 Journal Article
The Gathering Storm Part 2 : 1966 to 1970 Landon, Donald D. 2013 Journal Article
The Gathering Storm Part 1 : 1954 to 1966 Lancaster, Richard B. 2013 Journal Article
A Century of Seminary Griffiths, Casey Paul 2012 Journal Article 1 17
The Church Educational System : A Conversation with Roger G. Christensen Christensen, Roger G., Griffiths, Casey Paul 2012 Journal Article
"Serious Reflection" for Religious Educators Freeman, Michael K., Gardner, Ryan S. 2011 Journal Article 1
Regulations for Released-Time Religious Education : A Historical Perspective Ashcroft, Casey W. 2011 Journal Article 2
"Judge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged" : An Approach to Teaching Matthew 7 Ball, Terry B. 2011 Journal Article
"That Little Children Also May Receive Instruction" : Early Latter-day Saint Educational Programs for the Young Esplin, Scott C., Randall, E. Vance 2014 Journal Article 1 19
Saving Their School : The 1933 Transfer of Dixie College as an Indicator of Utah's Changing Church and State Relationships Esplin, Scott C. 2012 Journal Article 13
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The Seminary System on Trial : The 1978 Lanner V. Wimmer Lawsuit Griffiths, Casey Paul 2011 Journal Article 8
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Religious Freedom in Belgium : A Limited Study of Challenges as Experienced by LDS Children and Youth in Flemish Classrooms from the 1970's until Today Sherlock-Taselaar, Ingrid 2010 Journal Article
The First Institute Teacher Griffiths, Casey Paul 2010 Journal Article 7
Joseph F. Merrill and the 1930-1931 LDS Church Education Crisis Griffiths, Casey Paul 2010 Journal Article 4 13
The Church in Brazil : An Interview with CES Director Paulo Grahl Grahl, Paulo 2010 Journal Article