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Integrating BYU's Education in Zion Gallery into Campus Life Seferovich, Heather M. 2013 Journal Article 1
Joseph F. Smith and the Reshaping of Church Education Esplin, Scott C. 2013 Journal Article 23
Two Challenges Facing Brigham Young University as a Religiously Affiliated University Worthen, Kevin J. 2015 Journal Article 1
Joseph F. Smith and the Shaping of the Modern Church Educational System Esplin, Scott C. 2013 Book Chapter
Deus Mea Lux Est : A Mormon Among Catholics Petersen, Zina Nibley 2016 Journal Article
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History of Seminaries and Institutes in Hong Kong Chou, Petra
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Laying the Foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hong Kong : Seminary and Institute Programs Woodger, Mary Jane 2018 Journal Article
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Legal Scholarship and Membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints : Have They Buried Both an Honest Man and a Law Professor in the Same Grave? Young, Michael K. 2003 Book 1
The Relationship Between Religion, Mental Health, and The Latter day Saints Judd, Daniel K. 2018 Journal Article 1
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Secularization, Higher Education, and Religiosity Albrecht, Stan L., Heaton, Tim B. 1984 Journal Article 9
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