Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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The Guardian Poplar : A Memoir of Deep Roots, Journey, and Rediscovery Peterson, Chase N. 2012 Book 1
Monte S. Nyman Tate, Charles D., Jr. 1988 Book Chapter
Ogden's First School Teacher Tullidge, Edward W. 1889 Book Chapter
June Dixon Oaks Oaks, Dallin D., Ward, Sharmon Oaks 1997 Book Chapter
Beverly Lois Romney Cutler : College of Education Stay, Joyce Cutler 1997 Book Chapter
Marion Bennion Stevens : College of Family, Home and Social Science Rollins, Erma Bennion, Wight, Marjorie 1997 Book Chapter
Lucille Nelson Jensen : College of Family, Home and Social Science Lyon, Nicole Jensen, Seamons, Mary Louise, Wight, Marjorie 1997 Book Chapter
Olga Dotson Gardner : College of Fine Arts and Communication Spears, Kristen Gardner 1997 Book Chapter
Barta Heiner : College of Fine Arts and Communication Rogers, Lauren Comstock 1997 Book Chapter
Mae Blanch : College of Humanities Ream, Susan 1997 Book Chapter
June Leifson : College of Nursing Stewart, Amy K. 1997 Book Chapter
Lucile Markham Thorne : Library Dixon, Janice Thorne, Taylor, Sally Thorne 1997 Book Chapter
Mary Ellen Edmunds : Missionary Training Center College of Nursing Edmunds, Mary Ellen, Rogers, Sandra 1997 Book Chapter
Walter D. Bowen Christensen, Jess L. 1988 Book Chapter
John A. Widtsoe : Faculty Model and Informal Architect of BYU Parrish, Alan K. 1994 Book Chapter
Eugene England : Inquiry in a Context of Faith Petty, Kathleen B. 1988 Book Chapter
Algie Eggertsen Ballif (1896-1984) : No Subject was Taboo McCardell, Georganne B. Arrington Marion 2000 Book Chapter
Alta Miller : A short sketch of my life : Autobiography Miller, Alta 2000 Book Chapter
Alice Ludlow Wilkinson Anderson, Alice W., Jensen, Marian W. 1997 Book Chapter
Patricia Terry Holland McCann, Mary Alice Holland 1997 Book Chapter
Kathryn Basset Pardoe : Pioneering Dramatist Keeley, Shannon 1997 Book Chapter
Mary Anne Quinn Wood : J. Reuben Clark School of Law Jensen, Marian W. 1997 Book Chapter
Maxine Lewis Murdock : Counseling Center Broadbent, Molly Murdock, Murdock, Chad Lewis 1997 Book Chapter
Connie Lamb : Library Lamb, Carolyn Bean, Porter, Janet, Wight, Marjorie 1997 Book Chapter
Jacob Spori : Nineteenth-Century Swiss Missionary, Educator, and Kingdom Builder Christianson, James R. 1985 Book Chapter
Zion's Schoolmarms Derr, Jill Mulvay 1976 Book Chapter 4
Janet Griffin Lee Allred, Diana Lee, Ekeroth, Jan Nelson 1997 Book Chapter
Marilyn Scholes Bateman Bateman, Michael J. 1997 Book Chapter
Cheryl Brown : Associate Academic Vice-President Hall, Cinda Lee 1997 Book Chapter