Studies in Mormon History

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From Quaker to Latter-day Saint : Bishop Edwin D. Woolley Arrington, Leonard J. 1976 Book 37
'Going to Meeting' in Salt Lake City's Thirteenth Ward, 1849-1881 : A Microanalysis Walker, Ronald W. 1987 Book Chapter 7
Sugar House Ward : A Latter-day Saint Congregation May, Cheryll L., May, Dean L., Shipps, Jan 1994 Book Chapter 4
Historical Highlights of the Twenty-first and North Twenty-first Wards, Emigration Stake Williams, Lucile G. 1971 Book 3
Mormon Wards as Community Embry, Jessie L. 2001 Book 3
One Hundred Years in the Heart of Zion : A Narrative History of the Eighteenth Ward Smith, Ruby K. 1961 Book 2
Winder Ward History 1904-1976 Cook, Maurine Stokes 1977 Book 1
History of Timpanogos-Orem Eleventh Ward : 1885-1976 Poulson, Leo, Poulson, Virginia 1977 Book 1
One Hundred Years of History of the LDS Logan Second Ward, 1861 to 1961 Morrell, Ada England 1961 Book 1
The History of College and Young Wards, Cache County, Utah Hansen, John A. 1968 Dissertation 1
Little Berlin : Swiss Saints of the Logan Tenth Ward Embry, Jessie L. 1988 Journal Article 1 9
Through the Years Freeman, Ernest 1953 Book 1
A History of the Ogden Utah Stake and of Its Wards, 1847-1978 Hale, Barbara B. 1981 Book 1
A Daughter of Zion Hunter, Rodello 1972 Book 1
History of the Old Porterville Church, 1864-1948 : A Delightful History and Pictures of Porterville, Morgan County, Utah Kilbourn, Grace Bowen 1980 Book 1
History of the Fifteenth Ward Sunday School Salt Lake City Fifteenth Ward, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1886 Book 1
Oak Hills 1st Ward, 1948-2014 : A History of Faith, Service, and Sacrifice Blair, James G., Spencer, Kathryn, Thornock, Niki 2014 Book
Elijah F. Sheets : A Noble Bishop Adams, Linda Hunter 2007 Journal Article
A Review of Draper History Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Draper Ward : October 1856-October 1956 Enniss, Annie H. 1956 Book
Twenty-seventh Ecclesiastical Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Carr, Elmer J. 1970 Book
Manavu Ward History 1970 to 1977 Morrill, A. Reed 1977 Book
History of the 31st Ward, Ogden Stake, Utah : 1946-1976 Johnson, Lavell H. 1976 Book
Live Together in Love : A History of the Ensign Third Ward Kitterman, Genevieve J. 1981 Book
The Golden Years of Jefferson Ward 1924-1974 Jensen, Sarah F. 1974 Book
Twentieth Ward History 1856-1979 Martin, Ruth J. 1979 Book
History of Spring Lake 1877-1977 LeFevre, Anna Marie Moore 1977 Book
History of Lakeview Ward, 1855-1951 Jeppesen, Christian, Jr. 1969 Book
Lest We Forget . . . Ogden Tenth Ward History Tippets, Ruby Noyes 1964 Book
Salt Lake Tenth Ward : Neighborhood of Industry and Diversity Broschinsky, Korral 2002 Journal Article
Renovation Transforms SLC's 10th Ward from a Maze to Amazing Thompson, Lisa C 2000 Journal Article
Logan First Ward : Literary Reflections on Mormon Community Life Needham, S. Eugene 1994 Dissertation
Retrench! And Be It Hereby Resolved . . . . 1969 Journal Article
The Deaf Shall Hear the Words of the Book Barker, Clarence S. 1949 Journal Article
History of Holladay Ward McDonald, Emily 1986 Journal Article
Salt Lake County Jenson, Andrew 1887 Journal Article
History of the First Ward Sunday School, Richfield, Utah Poulson, Foy 1949 Journal Article
The Original Y.M.M.I.A., Thirteenth Ward, Salt Lake City Wells, Junius F. 1925 Journal Article
Salt Lake's Original Nineteen LDS Wards Daughters of Utah Pioneers Lesson Committee 1980 Journal Article
Their Accomplishments Must Be Told Carter, Kate B. 1976 Journal Article
Heber Second Ward, 1903-1987 : 'The Golden Years' Heber [Utah] Second Ward, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1987 Book
Heber Second Ward 1903-1987 : 'The Golden Years' Price, Relva, Price, Vernon 1987 Book
Centennial Story Collection : Vernon Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1877-1977 Vernon [Utah] Ward, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1977 Book
One Hundred Fifty Years of History of the L.D.S. Sugar House Ward, 1854 to 2004 Edvalson, Alice, Miller, Charlene 2004 Book
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