Studies in Mormon History

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Raising the Dead : Mormons, Evangelicals, and Miracles in America Bowman, Matthew 2011 Book Chapter
Who Uses the Word Resurrection in the Book of Mormon and How is it Used? Hilton, John, III 2012 Journal Article
Who Uses the Word Resurrection in the Book of Mormon and How Is It Used? Hilton, John, III, Johnson, Jana 2012 Journal Article
Embodiment in Mormon Thought : Ambiguity, Contradiction and Consensus Reeves, Aaron 2012 Journal Article 22
Divine Benevolence, Embodiment and Salvation in the Teachings of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon Moulton, Tyler Rex 1997 Dissertation
Joseph Smith on the Body as a Fallen or Blessed Vessel McKinlay, Daniel B. 2005 Book Chapter
Corporeal Resurrection : the Pure Doctrine Restored Through the Prophet Joseph Smith Hansen, J. Peter 2002 Dissertation 22
Results 1–17 of 17