Studies in Mormon History

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Eternal Marriage in Early Mormon Marital Beliefs Bishop, M. Guy 1990 Journal Article 8
The Development of Early Latter-day Saint Marriage Rites, 1831-53 Flake, Kathleen 2015 Journal Article 7 21
Celestial or Plural Marriage : A Digest of the Mormon Marriage System as Established by God Through the Prophet Joseph Smith Musser, Joseph W. 1970 Book 5
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La poligamia Mormona y la monogamia christiana comparadas Thatcher, Moses 1881 Book 2
Baring witness : 36 Mormon women talk candidly about love, sex, and marriage Welker, Holly 2016 Book 2 8
Marriage in the restoration : A brief historical-doctrinal review Draper, Maurice L. 1968 Book 2
Elder Northfield's home ; or, Sacrificed on the Mormon altar; a story of the blighting curse of Polygamy Bartlett, Jennie A. 1882 Book 2
Celestial Marriage (Eternal and Plural) Daynes, Kathryn M. 2015 Book Chapter 1
The Pattern of Age at Marriage in the United States Monahan, Thomas Patrick 1951 Book 1
On the "Underground" : What the Mormon "Yes on 8" Campaign Reveals About the Future of Mormons in American Political Life Brooks, Joanna 2016 Book Chapter 1 8
The Case of the Missing Commentary Hales, Brian C. 2018 Journal Article 7
One Devout Mormon Family's Struggle with Racism Greenwell, Robert 2018 Journal Article 12
The Works of John Taylor Hammer, David 2010 Book
Items of Instruction : Sections 130 and 131 Van Orden, Bruce A. 1984 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith, Polygamy, and the Levirate Widow Brown, Samuel Morris 2016 Journal Article 14
Mormonism and Same-Sex Marriage : Theological Underpinnings and New Perspectives Payne, Seth 2017 Journal Article
Joseph Smith and the Doctrine of Sealing Thompson, A. Keith 2016 Journal Article 10
Talking Doctrine : Mormons and Evangelicals in Conversation Millet, Robert L., Mouw, Richard J. 2015 Book
Affinities and Infinities : Joseph Smith and John Milton Welch, Rosalynde 2015 Journal Article 10
Joseph Smith on the Body as a Fallen or Blessed Vessel McKinlay, Daniel B. 2005 Book Chapter
The Restoration of the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage Johnson, Sherrie Mills 2005 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith's Contributions to Understanding the Doctrine of Eternal Marriage Brinley, Douglas E. 2005 Book Chapter
Editor's Table - Not a Revelation Anderson, Edward H., Smith, Joseph F. 1909 Journal Article
Doctrine and Covenants Section 111 : Another Look McLaughlin, Kenneth L. 1995 Journal Article
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