Studies in Mormon History

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The Principles of the Proclamation : Ten Years of Hope Wilkins, Richard G. 2005 Journal Article 1
Mormonism in France : The Family as a Universal Value in a Globalizing Religion Jarvis,John 2000 Book Chapter 1
"Forever Families" ; Christian Individualism, Mormonism and Collective Salvation Cannell, Fenella Book Chapter
The Eternal Nature of the Family in Egyptian Beliefs Rhodes, Michael D. 2013 Book Chapter
Uncommon Families, Part 2 : Polygamy Brandon, Mark E. 2013 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith's Restoration of the Eternal Roles of Husband and Father Woodger, Mary Jane 2005 Book Chapter
Mormonism and the Family Reeve, W. Paul 2010 Encyclopedia Article
Proclamation on the Family Dorius, Guy L. 2000 Encyclopedia Article
Family Olson, Terrance D. 2000 Encyclopedia Article
Family and the Global Church : Cultural and Political Challenges Porter, Bruce D. 2008 Book Chapter
Establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth : Transitions in the Family-centred beliefs and practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Unification Church, 1945-1997 Tark, Ji-il 2002 Dissertation
Relationship between Church Doctrine and Family among Mormons Christopherson, Victor A. 1974 Journal Article
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