Studies in Mormon History

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The Early Mormon Chain of Belonging Brown, Samuel 2011 Journal Article 16 17
William Phelps's Paracletes, An Early Witness to Smith's Divine Anthropology Brown, Samuel 2009 Journal Article 11 23
Between Heaven and Earth : Mormon Theology of the Family in Comparative Perspective Foster, Lawrence 1982 Journal Article 8
The Weeping God of Mormonism England, Eugene 2002 Journal Article 7 10
Eternal Progression : Mormonism and American Progressivism Bowman, Matthew 2016 Book Chapter 4 33
"The Grandest Principle of the Gospel" : Christian Nihilism, Sanctified Activism, and Eternal Progression Baker, Jacob T. 2008 Journal Article 3 6
A Mormon Concept of Man Boyd, George T. 1968 Journal Article 3 1
Perfection and Progression : Two Complementary Ways to Talk about God England, Eugene 1989 Journal Article 3 13
What Is Our Doctrine? Millet, Robert L. 2003 Journal Article 2 4
Eternal Progression In a Multiverse : An Explorative Mormon Cosmology Hagen, Kirk D. 2006 Journal Article 2 1
Of Gods, Mortals, and Devils : Eternal Progression and the Second Death in the Theology of Brigham Young Kirkland, Boyd 1986 Journal Article 2
Mormonism and the Idea of Progress Bailey, David H. 2000 Journal Article 1
"To Dress It and to Keep It" : Toward a Mormon Theology of Work Wright, Walker A. 2016 Journal Article 1 8
Understanding Adam-God Teachings Briney, Drew 2005 Book 1
Joseph Smith and the Recovery of "Eternal Man" Millet, Robert L. 2017 Journal Article 10
Pink for Boys and Blue for Girls : The Trouble with Gender Roles Petersen, Boyd 2013 Book Chapter
Mourning in Mormonism : Death, the Afterlife, and Those That Remain Behind Wooton, Rebekah J 2013 Dissertation
Towards a Latter-day Saint theology of religions and the resultant implications for inter-faith dialogue Greggs, Tom, Holt, James 2011 Dissertation
Unity in Action and the Unity of God Huff, Benjamin 2006 Journal Article 4
"Serious Reflection" for Religious Educators Freeman, Michael K., Gardner, Ryan S. 2011 Journal Article 1
"Tempered for Glory" : Brigham Young's Cosmological Theodicy Kirkham, J. Chase 2016 Journal Article 30
Corporeal Man : A Latter-day Saint Perspective Davis, Todd S. 2009 Dissertation
Reflections on Death and the Afterlife in a Community of Latter-day Saints Schmidtz, Caitlin Cecelia 2001 Dissertation
Joseph Smith and the Bible : "Extending the Text and Filling the Silences" Needham, S. Eugene, III 2008 Dissertation
Teachings of John Calvin, John Wesley, and Joseph Smith on the Fall Fear, Michael J. 2005 Book Chapter
Joseph's Ladder Goodwin, Scott 1999 Journal Article
Doctrine and Covenants Section 110 : From Vision to Canonization Reeve, W. Paul 2010 Dissertation
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