Studies in Mormon History

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Mormon Canonizing Authority and Women's Gender Theologies, 1890-1942 Mott, Elizabeth 2017 Journal Article 1 29
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The Four Discourses of Mormonism Spencer, Joseph M. 2011 Journal Article 1 5
Answering for His Order: Alma's Clash with the Nehors Stenson, Matthew S. 2016 Journal Article 1 3
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Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Legal Administrator Millet, Robert L. 2010 Book Chapter 1
Authority and Priesthood in the LDS Church, Part 1 : Definitions and Development Terry, Roger 2018 Journal Article 15
A Latter-day Saint Perspective on Biblical Inerrancy Millet, Robert L. 2011 Book
Authority in Mormonism : A Rational Choice Analysis McBride, Michael 2016 Book Chapter 26
Authoring Authority : the Apostle Paul and the Prophet Joseph Smith--A Critical Comparison of Texts and Power in the Generation of Religious Community Huntsman, Alonzo 2012 Dissertation
Stepping up to the challenge : concerning God's materiality Jeffries, Royden A. 2008 Dissertation
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Prophetic Authority in the Teachings of Modern Prophets Bennett, Clifford Gary 1973 Dissertation 13
Priest, Pastor, Power : Joseph Smith and Nineteenth-Century Notions of Ministerial Authority Holland, David F. 1997 Journal Article
Results 1–33 of 33