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The Correlation of Muslim Doctrine and Latter-Day Saint Doctrine : Based Upon Holy Scriptures Jackson, Amos R. 1997 Book
The Works of John Taylor Hammer, David 2010 Book
The atonement of Jesus Christ : an exegetical study of Hebrews 9:1-10:18 in comparison to the LDS doctrine of atonement Lawson, Gabriela Vizcarra 2013 Dissertation
The Nature of the Fall and Atonement in Early Mormon Thought Rostron, Brian Lynn 1999 Dissertation
Perceptions of the Atonement among perfectionistic Latter-day Saint women with eating disorders Edgington, Shawn, Erickson, Martin J., Jackson, Aaron P., Richards, P. Scott 2003 Dissertation
Revelations to Joseph Smith about the Atonement of Jesus Christ : March 1830-February 1832 Morris, Chad 2005 Dissertation
A different Jesus : contemporary Mormon and New Testament understandings of Christ and his atonement 2006 Dissertation
The Crucifixion : Reclamation of the Cross Strathearn, Gaye 2013 Book
Got Compassion? A Critique of Blake Ostler's Theory of Atonement Green, Deidre Nicole 2008 Journal Article 2
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Corporeal Man : A Latter-day Saint Perspective Davis, Todd S. 2009 Dissertation
"Now This Caused Us to Marvel" : The Breadth of God's Heaven and the Depth of His Mercy Dorius, Guy L. 2005 Book Chapter
John Taylor : Teacher of the Atonement Skinner, Andrew C. 2009 Book Chapter
Words 'Fitly Spoken' Seely, David Rolph 2004 Book Chapter
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