Studies in Mormon History

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A Different Jesus? : The Christ of the Latter-day Saints Millet, Robert L. 2005 Book 4
The Mormon Jesus : A Biography Turner, John G. 2016 Book 4 165
Patriarchal Order, or Plurality of Wives! Spencer, Orson 2018 Book 3
Jesus the Christ: A Study of the Messiah and His Mission according to Holy Scriptures both Ancient and Modern Grant, Heber J., Smith, Joseph F., Talmage, James E. 1922 Book 2
Godbodied : The Matter of the Latter-day Saints Webb, Stephen H. Journal Article 2
Toward a Mormon Christology Norman, Keith E. 1985 Journal Article 2
Jesus Christ as Elder Brother Volluz, Corbin 2006 Journal Article 2
James E. Talmage's Jesus the Christ Study Guide Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel, Wayment, Thomas A. 2014 Book 2
Mortal Messiah: From Bethlehem to Calvary McConkie, Bruce R 1981 Book 1
Book of Mormon Christology Charles, Melodie Moench 1993 Book Chapter 1 18
"She Hath Wrought a Good Work" : The Anointing of Jesus in Mark's Gospel Smith, Julie Marie 2013 Journal Article 1
"Thou Art the Christ, the Son of the Living God" : The Person and Work of Jesus in the New Testament Blumell, Lincoln H., Griffin, Tyler J., Huntsman, Eric D. 2018 Book
An Early Resurrection : Life in Christ Before you Die Miller, Adam S. 2018 Book
The Mormon God, Omniscience, and Eternal Progression : A Philisophical Analysis Beckwith, Francis J. 1991 Journal Article
The Infinite Atonement Callister, Tad R. 2000 Book
Because of the Messiah in a Manger Wilcox, Brad 2018 Book
An Analysis of Benjaminite and Markan Christology Smith, Julie Marie 2017 Journal Article
Condescension and Fullness : LDS Christology in Conversation with Historic Christianity Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
“Mormonism and the Fourth-Century Search for a Christian Doctrine of God.” Underwood, Grant Book Chapter
The Process of Salvation Millet, Robert L. 2005 Book Chapter
Rebirth in Christ : A Latter-day Saint Perspective Keller, Roger R., Millet, Robert L. 2005 Book Chapter
Jesus Christ and Salvation Millet, Robert L. 2011 Book
The Mormon Jesus and the Nicene Christ Mouw, Richard J. 2015 Journal Article 2
The Correlation of Muslim Doctrine and Latter-Day Saint Doctrine : Based Upon Holy Scriptures Jackson, Amos R. 1997 Book
Latter-day Visions of the Savior Cannon, Donald Q. 1984 Book Chapter
The Lord is One Barker, Margaret 2017 Journal Article
Towards a Latter-day Saint theology of religions and the resultant implications for inter-faith dialogue Greggs, Tom, Holt, James 2011 Dissertation
Is the Mormon concept of Jesus compatible with the evangelicals? White, Weston 1998 Dissertation
A Study of What Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and the Christian Science Say Who Jesus is in Comparison with Biblical Christology Njoroge, Joel Muchuki 2003 Dissertation
To Know the One True God : Reconciling the God of the Old Testament with the God of the New Testament Newman, Kelly 2006 Dissertation
A different Jesus : contemporary Mormon and New Testament understandings of Christ and his atonement 2006 Dissertation
Mormonism : The Faith of the Twenty-first Century Watson, Edward K. 1998 Book
I am Among You as One that Serveth Lane, Jennifer C. 2009 Journal Article
Reflections on Justification, Theosis, and Grace in Christian and Mormon Thought Underwood, Grant 2009 Journal Article 3
Worthy of Another Look : Reusages of the Words of Christ Welch, John W. 2013 Journal Article 1
Unity and the King James Bible Head, Ronan James 2012 Journal Article 3
Viracocha : Christ among the Ancient Peruvians? Hoyt, Scott 2015 Journal Article
An Apologist for Jesus Christ : The Purpose and Function of Joseph Smith's Theology Hullinger, Robert N. 1969 Dissertation
A Comprehensive Comparison of Christ's Teachings on the Doctrine of Fasting and the Ancient and Present-day Practices Thereof Johnson, Alan P. 1960 Dissertation 1
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