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The Catholic Apostolic Church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints : A Comparative Study of Two Minority Millenarian Groups in Nineteenth-Century England Lively, Robert L., Jr. 1977 Dissertation 4
Marital and Family Orientations Among Highly Religious Young Adults : Comparing Latter-day Saints With Traditional Christians Busby, Dean M, Carroll, Jason S, Holman, Thomas B, Linford, Steven T 2000 Journal Article 3
The Doctrine of The Trinity in LDS and "Catholic" Contexts Owen, Paul 2005 Journal Article 3
Religion, Gender, and Autonomy : A Comparison of Two Religious Women's Groups in Nursing and Hospitals in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Marshall, Elaine S, Wall, Barbra M 1999 Journal Article
Religious affiliation, spirituality and gender identity Brinkman, Kandie G. 2000 Dissertation
Religiosity and eating attitudes among college women ages 18--30 Oomen, Judy S. 1999 Dissertation
Results 1–6 of 6