Studies in Mormon History

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Mormons and Their Historians Arrington, Leonard J., Bitton, Davis 1988 Book 43
Richard Lyman Bushman, the Story of Joseph Smith and Mormonism, and the New Mormon History Shipps, Jan 2007 Journal Article 13
What's New in Mormon History : A Response to Jan Shipps Bushman, Richard L. 2007 Journal Article 9
On the Road with Joseph Smith : An Author's Diary Bushman, Richard L. 2007 Book 8
Echoes of Anti-Masonry : A Rejoinder to Critics of the Anti-Masonic Thesis Vogel, Dan 2002 Book Chapter 3
My Short Happy Life with Exponent II Bushman, Claudia L., Dredge, Nancy, Sheldon, Carrel H., Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher 2003 Journal Article 3
My Belief Bushman, Richard L. 1986 Book Chapter 3
"Idle and Slothful Strange Stories" : Book of Mormon Origins and the Historical Record Rappleye, Neal 2016 Journal Article 2 41
Richard L. Bushman--Scholar and Apologist Hill, Marvin S. 1984 Journal Article 2 8
'To Be Learned is Good' : Essays on Faith and Scholarship in Honor of Richard Lyman Bushman Flake, Kathleen, Fluhman, J. Spencer, Woodworth, Jed 2017 Book 1
The Perverse Core of Mormonism : The Book of Mormon, Genetic Secularity, and Messianic Decoloniality Hickman, Jared 2017 Book Chapter 1
The Hermeneutics of Generosity : A Critical Approach to the Scholarship of Richard Bushman Parker, Stuart 2012 Journal Article 1 4
A Retrospective on the Scholarship of Richard Bushman Kelly, Catherine, Maffly-Kipp, Laurie F., Stout, Harry S., Underwood, Grant, Wood, Gordon S. 2011 Journal Article 1 1
Mormon History, Text, Colour, and Rites Davies, Douglas J. 2007 Journal Article 1
Finding the Right Words : Speaking Faith in Secular Times Bushman, Richard L. 2017 Book Chapter
Blessing of - and for - the Academic Life Hangen, Tona J. 2017 Book Chapter
My Life Among the Scholars Bushman, Claudia L. 2017 Book Chapter
Acts of Faith...and Reason Mauss, Armand L. 2017 Book Chapter
The Personal and the Historical Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher 2017 Book Chapter
Introduction : Smooth Stones Rolling : Reflections on Critical Belief in Scholarship Wacker, Grant 2017 Book Chapter
A Modern Religion Mason, Patrick Q. 2017 Book Chapter
"Mormonism in the Academy" : Reflections on Its Meaning Underwood, Grant 2017 Book Chapter
On Being Epistemically Vulnerable : Mormonism and the Secular Study of Religion Birch, Brian D. 2017 Book Chapter
Introduction : Mormonism in the Academy and in the Secular Study of Religion Brown, Richard D. 2017 Book Chapter
The Second Vatican Council and Mormon Correlation from the Pulpit and the Pew Bowman, Matthew 2017 Book Chapter
The Role of the Church History Department in Mormon Scholarship : A Reflection on the Leonard J. Arrington Era and the Present Grow, Matthew J. 2017 Book Chapter
Richard Bushman and the Future of Mormon Teaching Riess, Jana K. 2017 Book Chapter
Introduction : Mormonism in the Academy : Scholarship, Teaching, and Faith Goldberg, Robert Alan 2017 Book Chapter
Becoming Equal Partners : Latter-day Saint Women as Theologians Green, Deidre Nicole 2017 Book Chapter
Christo-Fiction, Mormon Philosophy, and the Virtual Body of Christ Miller, Adam S. 2017 Book Chapter
Introduction : Reeinvisioning Mormonism : Looking Forward and Looking Back Taves, Ann 2017 Book Chapter
Saving History : The Perquisites and Perils 2017 Book Chapter
Above, Beyond, and in Between : A Teacher's Role Inouye, Melissa Wei-Tsing 2017 Book Chapter
Prophetic Biography : The Universal, the Particular, and the Almost-Amazing Grace of Context Holland, David F. 2017 Book Chapter
Introduction : Anxiety and Obligation in the Practice of History Maffly-Kipp, Laurie F. 2017 Book Chapter
Truth, Community, and Prophetic Authority Properzi, Mauro 2017 Book Chapter
The Poetics of Prejudice Givens, Terryl L. 2017 Book Chapter
"We Gain Knowledge No Faster Than We Are Saved" : The Epistemic Dimension of Character Barlow, Philip L. 2017 Book Chapter
Introduction : What Constrains Our Understanding of the Past? Hall, David D. 2017 Book Chapter
Reckoning with History : Richard Bushman, George Marsden, and the Art of Biography Wacker, Grant 2017 Journal Article 4
Ban on black priests had racist roots, say Mormons Stack, Peggy Fletcher 2014 Journal Article
A Prophet Without Honor Beam, Alex 2014 Journal Article
God, the World, and the Long Journey to Divinity : Mormonism and German Romantic Idealism McLaughlan, James M. 2012 Journal Article 13
The Rise of Mormon Cultural History and the Changing Status of the Archive Spencer, Joseph M. 2009 Dissertation
The Historian's Craft : A Conversation with Richard Lyman Bushman Bushman, Claudia L., Woodworth, Jed L. 2009 Journal Article 6
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