Studies in Mormon History

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"This Is Very Historic" : The Young Ambassadors 1979 Tour of China Hilton, John, III, Liu, Brady 2016 Journal Article 4
'Clipped and Controlled' : A Contemporary Look at BYU Sunstone 1996 Journal Article 2
'In Joy and Bliss to Be Me By' : How Gene Was in London Slover, Tim 2002 Journal Article
'No Cause, No Cause' : An Essay Toward Reconciliation England, Eugene 2002 Journal Article 1
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'Which Side of the Line?' : American Indian Students and Programs at Brigham Young University, 1960-1983 Metcalf, R. Warren 2019 Book Chapter
150 Years of American Painting, 1794-1944. From the Collection of the Brigham Young University Museum of Art Gibbs, Linda Jones 1994 Book
A Biography of Dr. Edwin R. Kimball Knaak, Calvin Otto 1971 Dissertation
A Case Study of Organizational Learning and Transitions in Higher Education : Ricks College Becomes Brigham Young University-Idaho Poulter, LaNae Hammon 2007 Dissertation
A Comparative Study of Former LDS Placement and Non-Placement Navajo Students at Brigham Young University Taylor, Grant Hardy 1981 Dissertation 2
A History of Brigham Young University Press Hunsaker, Williams Leon 1997 Book
A History of BYU Semester at Nauvoo and the Joseph Smith Academy, 1994-2003 Andrus, Alyn Brown 2003 Book
A History of Folk Dancing at Brigham Young University West, Charles W. 1970 Dissertation
A History of the Brigham Young University--The Early Years, 1875-1921 Smith, Keith L. 1972 Dissertation 3
A History of the Men's Intramural Program at Brigham Young University Brown, David A. 1988 Dissertation 3
A History of the Student Newspaper and Its Early Predecessors at Brigham Young University from 1878 to 1965 Bray, Lawrence Hall 1966 Dissertation 3
A History of the Theatre and Cinematic Arts Department : Brigham Young University 1920-1978 Henson, Charles A. 1980 Dissertation
A History of Theater in Mormon Colleges and Universities Clinger, Morris M. 1963 Dissertation
A House of Faith Pope, Margaret McConkie 2010 Journal Article 1
A Lighter of Lamps : The Life Story of Alice Louise Reynolds Lyman, Amy Brown 1947 Book 5
A Love of Learning : Speeches of Robert K. Thomas Thomas, Robert Kedzie 2011 Book
A Marketplace of Ideas, a House of Faith, and a Prison of Conformity Quinn, D. Michael 1988 Journal Article 2
A Perceptual Survey Relating to the Administrative Contributions of Each President of BYU-Hawaii Campus : Its First Twenty Five Years Joy, Robert O. 1983 Dissertation
A Story Dr. Maeser Told Peay, Ida Stewart 1914 Journal Article 1
A Study of the Brigham Young University Presidential Scholarship Program, 1967-1989 Boone, David F. 1992 Dissertation
A Study of the Uses and Views of CES Instructional Materials by Religion Teachers at LDS Institutes and Brigham Young University (Utah) Judd, Richard L. 1983 Dissertation
A Study to Determine the Effectiveness of the Indian Education Program at Brigham Young University in Meeting the Needs of the Indian Student Pack, Vernon Harold 1966 Dissertation
A University's Dilemma : BYU and Blacks Walton, Brian 1971 Journal Article 5
A. C. Lambert : Teacher, Scholar and Friend Campbell, Roald F. 1984 Journal Article
Abe Mills : Cleats to Camera Madsen, Elyssa Renee 2000 Journal Article
Ability, Effort, and Performance among First-year Law Students at Brigham Young University Farmer, L. C., Kimball, Edward L., Monson, D. G. 1981 Journal Article
Academic Freedom at Brigham Young University : Free Inquiry in Religious Context Roberts, Allen D. 1994 Book Chapter
Academic Freedom Forever; However . . . . Buchanan, Frederick S. 1994 Book Chapter
Academic Success of American Indian Students at a Large Private University Adams, L. La-Mar 1977 Journal Article 1
Action and Reaction : Student Activism and the Vietnam War at Brigham Young University Magdiel, Kenneth D. 1988 Journal Article 1
Agitators in the Land of Zion : The Anti-Vietnam War Movements at Brigham Young University, University of Utah, and Utah State University Smith, Tracey Dean 1995 Dissertation 10
Algie Eggertsen Ballif (1896-1984) : No Subject was Taboo McCardell, Georganne B. Arrington Marion 2000 Book Chapter
Algie Eggertsen Ballif : Dance Pioneer at Brigham Young University, 1919-1923 Arrington, Georganne Ballif 1983 Dissertation 1
Alice Ludlow Wilkinson Anderson, Alice W., Jensen, Marian W. 1997 Book Chapter
Alma Heaton : The Professor of Fun Vander Griend, Ward Marius 1981 Dissertation 1
Alma Richards's Olympic Leap of Faith Revisited Gerlach, Larry R. 2014 Journal Article 6
Alta Miller : A short sketch of my life : Autobiography Miller, Alta 2000 Book Chapter
An Analysis of BYU 1963 Women Graduates' Present Status as Mothers in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Roundy, Phylis Ann 1970 Dissertation 2
An Analysis of the Immediate and Long-range Implications of Three Speeches Delivered by J. Reuben Clark, Jr. Buchanan, David Earl 1976 Dissertation
An Appraisal of the Education Programs for Native Americans at Brigham Young University, 1966-1974, with Curricular Recommendations Osborne, Virgus C. 1975 Dissertation 2
An Examination of Certain Aspects of the American Indian Education Program at Brigham Young University : A Study conducted by L. Robert Webb Webb, L. Robert 1972 Report 2
An Historical Appraisal of Educational Development under Howard S. McDonald at Brigham Young University, 1945-1949 Rimington, David B. 1982 Dissertation 2
An Historical Overview of Modern Dance At Brigham Young University from 1875 to 1986 Olsen, Denise P. 1987 Dissertation
An Historical Study of Adult Education Programs of the Brigham Young University from 1921 to 1966 Smith, Keith L. 1968 Dissertation 1
Anatomy of Invention Howell, Larry L. 2016 Journal Article