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What's in a Name? Book of Mormon Language, Names, and [Metonymic] Naming Thomasson, Gordon C. 1994 Journal Article 3
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'Written in the Style of Antiquity' : Pseudo-Biblicism and the Early American Republic, 1770–1830 Shalev, Eran 2010 Journal Article 2
Is the Book of Mormon a Pseudo-Archaic Text? Carmack, Stanford 2019 Journal Article 2 8
Changing Critics' Criticisms of Book of Mormon Changes Hales, Brian C. 2018 Journal Article 2 15
The More Part of the Book of Mormon Is Early Modern English Hauglid, Brian M. 2016 Journal Article 2 1
Introduction to the Study of the Book of Mormon Sjodahl, Janne M. 1927 Book 2
Notes and Communications : Divine Discourse Directed at a Prophet's Posterity in the Plural : Further Light on Enallage Barney, Kevin L. 1997 Journal Article 2 2
From Distance to Proximity : A Poetic Function of Enallage in the Hebrew Bible and the Book of Mormpon Bokovoy, David E. 2000 Journal Article 2 2
Word Pairs and Distinctive Combinations in the Book of Mormon Duke, James T. 2003 Journal Article 2 3
Moroni : The Final Voice Thomas, Mark D. 2003 Journal Article 2
Lehi's Dream of the tree of Life : Springboard to Prophecy Volluz, Corbin 1993 Journal Article 2
The Jewish/Nephite Lunar Calendar Spackman, Randall P. 1998 Journal Article 2
Lehi as Moses Reynolds, Noel B. 2000 Journal Article 2 2
Insights Available as We Approach the Original Text Muhlestein, Kerry 2006 Journal Article 2
Nephi's Psalm : 2 Nephi 4 : 16-35 in the Light of Form-Critical Analysis Nickerson, Matthew 1997 Journal Article 2 2
A Short Addition to Length : Some Relative Frequencies of Circumstantial Structures Stubbs, Brian D. 1997 Journal Article 2
Barlow on Book of Mormon Language : An Examination of Some Strained Grammar Carmack, Stanford 2017 Journal Article 1
The Case of the {-th} Plural in the Earliest Text Carmack, Stanford 2016 Journal Article 1
The Case of Plural Was in the Earliest Text Carmack, Stanford 2016 Journal Article 1
Elvis Has Left the Library : Identifying Forged Annotations in a Book of Mormon Erekson, Keith A. 2018 Journal Article 1
'Mixed Voices' : A Study on Book of Mormon Criticism Nibley, Hugh W. 1959 Journal Article 1
Kingship, Democracy, and the Message of the Book of Mormon Dundas, Gregory Steven 2017 Journal Article 1 11
Textual Criticism and the Book of Mormon Hardy, Grant R. 2018 Book Chapter 1
Notes and Communications : Word Groups in the Book of Mormon Tvedtnes, John A. 1997 Journal Article 1
New Light : The Book of Mormon as a Written (Literary) Artifact Hardy, Grant R. 2003 Journal Article 1 2
What's in a Word? The Language of the Scriptures Hallen, Cynthia Leah 2003 Journal Article 1
What's in a word? : Pairs and Merisms in 3 Nephi Hallen, Cynthia Leah, Sorenson, Josh 2004 Journal Article 1 1
Weighing and Measuring in the Worlds of the Book of Mormon Welch, John W. 1999 Journal Article 1
Treaties and Covenants : Ancient Near Eastern Legal Terminology in the Book of Mormon Benson, RoseAnn, Ricks, Stephen D. 2005 Journal Article 1 3
New Light : The Queen of Sheba, Skyscraper Architecture, and Lehi's Dream 2002 Journal Article 1 1
The Book of Mormon Critical Text Project Givens, Terryl L. 2006 Journal Article 1 2
Nephi's Convincing of Christ through Chiasmus : Plain and Precious Persuading from a Prophet of God Sloan, David E. 1997 Journal Article 1 5
The Journey of the Hero : Archetypes of Earthly Adventure and Spiritual Passage in 1 Nephi Harris, Tod R. 1997 Journal Article 1 6
As Iron Sharpens Iron : Listening to the Various Voices of Scripture Smith, Julie Marie 2016 Book
A Book of Mormon Bibliography for 2016 2017 Journal Article 45
Ancient Texts in Support of the Book of Mormon Tvedtnes, John A. 2002 Book Chapter
Scholarship and the Book of Mormon Thomas, Mark D. 1990 Book Chapter
A Rhetorical Approach to the Book of Mormon : Rediscovering Nephite Sacramental Language Thomas, Mark D. 1993 Book Chapter 4
What's in a Word? Hallen, Cynthia Leah 2001 Journal Article
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What's in a word? Etymology! Hallen, Cynthia Leah 2003 Journal Article
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