Studies in Mormon History

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A Case for Lehi's Bondage in Arabia Brown, S. Kent 1997 Journal Article 4 1
Lehi's Dream of the tree of Life : Springboard to Prophecy Volluz, Corbin 1993 Journal Article 2
Painting Out the Messiah : The Theologies of Dissidents Clark, John L. 2002 Journal Article 2 3
The Lost Book of Mormon : A Quest for the Book That Just Might Be the Great American Novel Steinberg, Avi 2014 Book 1
Tools and Instruments Clayson, Jocelyn Jones 2018 Journal Article 1
'Skin' or 'Scales' of Blackness? Semitic Context as Interpretive Aid for 2 Nephi 4 : 35 (LDS 5 : 21) Stokes, Adam Oliver 2018 Journal Article 1 10
Building the Temple of Nephi : Early Mormon Perceptions of Cumorah and the New Jerusalem Bradley, Don 2018 Journal Article 1 6
Land as Regenerative Space in The Book of Mormon Norton, Shawna 2018 Journal Article 1
Teaching The Book of Mormon at the University of Vermont : An Interview with Elizabeth Fenton by Joseph Spencer Fenton, Elizabeth, Spencer, Joseph M. 2018 Journal Article 1 5
Reading and the Menardian Paradox in 3 Nephi Handley, George B. 2017 Journal Article 1 2
More Than Meets the Eye : How Nephite Prophets Managed the Jaredite Legacy Axelgard, Frederick W. 2017 Journal Article 1 6
'Mixed Voices' : A Study on Book of Mormon Criticism Nibley, Hugh W. 1959 Journal Article 1
Another Testament of Jesus Christ : Mormon's Poetics Hardy, Heather 2007 Journal Article 1 7
Were the Ammonites Pacifists? Boyce, Duane 2009 Journal Article 1 7
The Vision of All : Twenty-five Lectures on Isaiah in Nephi’s Record Spencer, Joseph M. 2016 Book
A Book of Mormon Bibliography for 2016 2017 Journal Article 45
The Structure of the Book of Alma Spencer, Joseph M. 2017 Journal Article 8
Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life : Understanding the Dream as Visionary Literature Swift, Charles L. 2005 Journal Article 5
God in History? Nephi's Answer Prete, Roy A. 2005 Journal Article 8
The Savior and the Children in 3 Nephi Wells, M. Gawain 2005 Journal Article 2
Service and Temple in King Benjamin's Speech Parry, Donald W. 2007 Journal Article 1
Narrative Criticism and the Book of Mormon Snow, Edgar C., Jr. 1995 Journal Article 8
Results 1–22 of 22