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DNA and the Book of Mormon : A Phylogenetic Perspective Whiting, Michael F. 2003 Journal Article 8 2
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Decolonizing the Blossoming : Indigenous People's Faith in a Colonizing Church Benally, Moroni 2017 Journal Article 1
These Early Americans : External Evidences of the Book of Mormon Cheesman, Paul R. 1974 Book 1
My Book of Mormon Story Hafen, P. Jane 2016 Book Chapter 1
Solomon Spaulding's Indians, or, What the "Manuscript Found" Really Tells Us Jortner, Adam 2012 Journal Article 1 7
Lost Tribes : Indigenous People and the Social Imaginary Kirsch, Stuart 1997 Journal Article
"A Very Fine Azteck Manuscript" : Latter-day Saint Readings of Codex Boturini Blythe, Christopher James 2017 Journal Article 8
The Wrong Type of Book Gee, John 2002 Book Chapter
The Prophesied Coming of Christ : Book of Mormon, Native America, and Latter-day prophecies of the Second Coming Olive, Phyllis Carol 2017 Book 4
Origins of the Native Americans : A Comparative Evaluation of the Early Chronicle Writings and the Book of Mormon Calderwood, David G. 1999 Dissertation
Written to the Lamanites : Understanding the Book of Mormon through Native Culture and Religion Gillum, Gary P. 2013 Journal Article 3
Mormons and Native Americans in the Antebellum West Lindell, Jennifer 2011 Dissertation
The Book of Mormon and the Origin of Native Americans from a Maternally Inherited DNA Standpoint Perego, Ugo A. 2010 Journal Article 10
Conversions Through the Book of Mormon Evans, John Henry 1944 Journal Article
Indian Traditions of the Book of Mormon McGavin, E. Cecil 1931 Journal Article
Results 1–23 of 23