Studies in Mormon History

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The Priority of Mosiah : A Prelude to Book of Mormon Exegesis Metcalfe, Brent Lee 1993 Book Chapter 3 42
Did Joseph Smith Translate the Kinderhook Plates? Hauglid, Brian M. 2011 Book 2
Lucy Mack Smith's 1829 Letter to Mary Smith Pierce Smith, Lucy Mack 1982 Journal Article 2 9
Did Father Lehi Have Daughters Who Married the Sons of Ishmael? Sperry, Sidney B. 1995 Journal Article 1 1
The Great and Spacious Book of Mormon Arcade Game : More Curious Works from Book of Mormon Critics Lindsay, Jeff 2017 Journal Article 1 22
The Lost 116 Pages Story : What We Do Know, What We Don't Know, and What We Might Know Haws, J. B. 2015 Book Chapter 1
When Pages Collide : Dissecting the Words of Mormon Lyon, Jack M. 2012 Journal Article 1 10
Lehi's Personal Record : Quest for a Missing Source Brown, S. Kent Journal Article
Stories from the Life of Joseph Smith Littke, Lael, Turley, Richard E., Jr. 2003 Book
'The Truth is the Most Important Thing' : The New Mormon History According to Mark Hofmann Roberts, Allen D. 1988 Book
The Book of Lehi Underwood, Grant 2005 Book Chapter
Results 1–11 of 11