Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
In Search of Lehi's Trail-30 Years Later Hilton, Lynn M. 2006 Journal Article 4 3
Mormon's Map Sorenson, John L. 2000 Book 3
The Arabian Bountiful Discovered? Evidence for Nephi's Bountiful Aston, Warren P. 1998 Journal Article 3 1
New Light from Arabia on Lehi's Trail Brown, S. Kent 2002 Book Chapter 2
Metals of the Book of Mormon Phillips, Wm. Revell 2000 Journal Article 2 1
The Book and the Map : New Insights into Book of Mormon Geography Priddis, Venice 1975 Book 1
The Geography of the Book of Mormon McGavin, E. Cecil 1949 Book 1
The Brightening Light on the Journey of Lehi and Sariah McKinlay, Daniel B. 2006 Journal Article 1 4
Mughsayl : Another Candidate for Land Bountiful Phillips, Wm. Revell 2007 Journal Article 1 3
Refining the Spotlight on Lehi and Sariah Brown, S. Kent 2006 Journal Article 7
Results 1–10 of 10