Studies in Mormon History

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Orson Pratt--Early Mormon Leader Lyon, T. Edgar 1932 Dissertation 23
The Versatile W. W. Phelps--Mormon Writer, Educator, and Pioneer Bowen, Walter Dean 1958 Dissertation 17
An Historical Study of the Life of Orson Hyde, Early Mormon Missionary and Apostle from 1805-1852 Hill, Marvin S. 1955 Dissertation 11
Joseph Smith III : Moderate Mormon Hutchins, Robert Duane 1977 Dissertation 10
William Clayton : Missionary, Pioneer, and Public Servant Dahl, Paul E. 1959 Dissertation 9
A Psychological History of Joseph Smith, Jr., The Founder of Mormonism Riley, I. Woodbridge 1902 Dissertation 8
The Life and Contributions of Lyman Wight Wightman, Philip C. 1971 Dissertation 7
Charles Ora Card : Pioneer and Colonizer Hudson, A. James 1961 Dissertation 6
The Life and Intrigues of Walter Murray Gibson McGhie, Frank W. 1958 Dissertation 6
Thomas Bullock, Early Mormon Pioneer Despain, C. Ward 1956 Dissertation 5
Abraham Owen Smoot, Pioneer Mormon Leader Berlin, C. Elliott 1955 Dissertation 5
James Godson Bleak, Pioneer Historian of Southern Utah Addy, Caroline 1953 Dissertation 5
Almon Whiting Babbitt, Mormon Emissary Ridd, Jay Donald 1953 Dissertation 5
The Life and Contributions of Captain Dan Jones Christensen, Rex LeRoy 1977 Dissertation 4
The Life of Amos Milton Musser Brooks, Karl F. 1961 Dissertation 4
Insanity and the Sweet Singer : A Biography of David Hyrum Smith, 1844-1904 Avery, Valeen Tippetts 1984 Dissertation 4
Warren Stone Snow, A Man in between : The Biography of a Mormon Defender Peterson, John A. 1985 Dissertation 4
The Life and Contributions of Isaac Morley Morley, Richard Henrie 1965 Dissertation 4
Thomas L. Kane, Ambassador to the Mormons Zobell, Albert L., Jr. 1944 Dissertation 4
George Reynolds : Secretary, Sacrificial Lamb, and Seventy Van Orden, Bruce A. 1986 Dissertation 4
The Life and Contributions of Zebedee Coltrin Stephens, Calvin R. 1974 Dissertation 4
The Life of Edward Stevenson, Member of the First Council of the Seventy, Friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Three Witnesses Stevenson, Joseph Grant 1955 Dissertation 4
David Whitmer, A Witness to the Divine Authenticity of the Book of Mormon Richardson, Ebbie L. V. 1952 Dissertation 4
The Life of Orson Spencer Sadler, Richard W. 1965 Dissertation 4
Martin Harris--Witness and Benefactor to the Book of Mormon Gunnell, Wayne Cutler 1955 Dissertation 3
Samuel Brannan Dunlap, Florence McClure 1928 Dissertation 3
Anson Call and His Contributions Toward Latter-day Saint Colonization Call, Duane D. 1956 Dissertation 3
In Search of Zion : A Description of Early Mormon Millennial Utopianism as Revealed Through the Life of Edward Partridge Collette, D. Brent 1977 Dissertation 3
Benjamin Franklin Johnson : Colonizer, Public Servant, and Church Leader LeBaron, E. Dale 1966 Dissertation 3
The Life and Works of William Horne Dame Pease, Harold W. 1971 Dissertation 3
A Biographical Study of Isaac Chauncey Haight, Early Religious and Civic Leader of Southern Utah Slack, Robert A. 1966 Dissertation 3
Israel Ivins : A Biography Erdman, Kimball S. 1969 Book 2
Stephen Markham : Man of Valour Gifford, Mervin LeRoy 1975 Dissertation 2
John Elliot Tullidge, the Influence of His Life and Works on the Musical Culture of Utah Camp, Virgil H. 1957 Dissertation 2
Levi Ward Hancock, Pioneer, Soldier, Political and Religious Leader of Early Utah Clegg, Dennis A. 1966 Dissertation 2
Oliver Cowdery : Second Elder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Gunn, Stanley R. 1942 Dissertation 2
The Making of a Leader : A Biography of Charles W. Nibley to 1890 Christensen, Michael E. 1978 Dissertation 2
Howard Egan, Frontiersman, Pioneer and Pony Express Rider Drake, J. Raman 1956 Dissertation 2
Karl G. Maeser : Mormon Educator Burton, Alma P. 1950 Dissertation 2
Brigham Young, the Colonizer Hunter, Milton R. 1936 Dissertation 2
Sagwitch : Shoshoni Chieftain, Mormon Elder, 1822-1884 Christensen, Scott R. 1995 Dissertation 2
Biography of George Washington Hill Brown, Ralph O. 1956 Dissertation 2
Louis A. Bertrand : One of the most singular and romantic figures of the age McClellan, Richard D. 2000 Dissertation 2
The Life and Contributions of Newel Kimball Whitney Poulsen, Larry Neil 1966 Dissertation 2
And There Came Prophets in the Land Again : The Life of Joseph Smith III, 1832-1914, Mormon Reformer Launius, Roger D. 1982 Dissertation 2
Biography of Phil Margetts, Utah Actor Margetts, Ralph E. 1950 Dissertation 2
Porter Rockwell and the Mormon Frontier Van Alfen, Nicholas 1938 Dissertation 2
Thomas Bullock : A Man Doing His Duty Simon, Jerald F. 1988 Dissertation 2
A Forgotten Missionary : Hiram Clark, Mormon Itinerant, British Emigration Organizer, and First President of the L.D.S. Hawaiian Mission, 1795-1853 Shaffer, Donald R. 1990 Dissertation 2
John Willard Young and the 1887 Movement for Utah Statehood Watson, Charles W. 1984 Dissertation 2