Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Remembering the Wives of Joseph Smith Anonymous 2004 Book
Rachel's Death : How Memory Challenges History Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher 2004 Book 3
After 100 Years Williams, Nancy Clement 1951 Book 3
Heroines of 'Mormondom' Juvenile Instructor 1884 Book 2
Elect Ladies : Presidents of the Relief Society Gaunt, LaRene Porter, Peterson, Janet 1990 Book 8
Mothers of the Prophets Arrington, Leonard J., Madsen, Susan Arrington 1987 Book 12
Theirs is the Kingdom Ashton, Wendell J. 1945 Book 6
Heroines of the Church Barrett, Ivan J. 1956 Book 1
In Sacred Loneliness : The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith Compton, Todd M. 1997 Book 119
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude Daughters of Utah Pioneers 1998 Book 20
The Charles John Roe Family Histories : Early Settlers of Escalante, Utah Say, Joan Mason 2002 Book
Some Early Pioneers of Huntington, Utah and Surrounding Area Jones, James Albert 1980 Book 2
Supporting Saints : Life Stories of Nineteenth-Century Mormons Cannon, Donald Q., Whittaker, David J. 1985 Book 31
Cannon Family Historical Treasury Cannon, George Quayle, 1794-1844, Cannon, Janath Russell, Evans, Beatrice Cannon 1967 Book 9
Sister Saints Burgess-Olson, Vicky 1978 Book 46
Sophronia Smith McCleary Jones, Gracia N. 2005 Book 2
More Than Petticoats : Remarkable Utah Women Karras, Christy 2010 Book
The Testifiers of the Prophet Joseph Smith : Tough Ole' Birds in Their Twilight Years : Biographical Vignettes of Mormon Pioneer Women Brimhall, Katherine T. 2011 Book
Bathsheba Bigler Smith : Woman of Faith and Courage Watt, Barbara Fluckiger 1978 Book Chapter 3
Louisa Barnes Pratt : Missionary Wife, Missionary Mother, Missionary Stone, Ann Gardner 1978 Book Chapter 1
Patty Bartlett Sessions : Pioneer Midwife Smart, Donna T. 1996 Book Chapter 2
Biographical Sketch of Dr. Elvira Stevens Barney Wilson, Loran A. 1907 Book Chapter
A Test of Faith : Jane Elizabeth James and the Origin of the Utah Black Community Wolfinger, Henry J. 1975 Book Chapter 20
Patty Bartlett Sessions : More Than a Midwife Rugh, Susan Sessions 1978 Book Chapter 2
Dr. Ellen Brooke Ferguson : Nineteenth-Century Renaissance Woman Stone, Ann Gardner 1978 Book Chapter 3
Jane Manning James : A Test of Faith Wolfinger, Henry J. 1996 Book Chapter 2
Sarah Ann Sutton Cooke (1808-1885) : The Respected Mrs. Cooke Givens, Terryl L., Scott, Patricia Lyn 2000 Book Chapter 3
Sarah M. Pratt : The Shaping of an Apostate Van Wagoner, Mary C., Van Wagoner, Richard S. 2002 Book Chapter
The Stenhouses and the Making of a Mormon Image Walker, Ronald W. 2002 Book Chapter
Emma Hale Smith Mulliken, Frances H. 1985 Book Chapter
A Legacy of Faith Madsen, Carol Cornwall 1988 Book Chapter 1
Martha Jane Knowlton Coray : 'Masculine in Her Strength of Character' Johnson, Jeffery Ogden 1978 Book Chapter 1
Emmeline B. Wells : Sorting the Private and the Public Madsen, Carol Cornwall 2002 Book Chapter
Jane Snyder Richards : The Blue-White Diamond Cannon, Connie Duncan 1978 Book Chapter 2
Eliza R. Snow Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach 1976 Book Chapter 3
Susanna Goudine Cardon : An Italian Convert to Mormonism Degn, Louise 1978 Book Chapter
The Eliza Enigma : The Life and Legend of Eliza R. Snow Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach 1976 Book Chapter 13
Emma Smith : An Unknown Sister Avery, Valeen Tippetts 1980 Book Chapter 1
Mariah Huntsman Leavitt : Midwife of the Desert Frontier Brooks, Juanita 1969 Book Chapter
Emmeline B. Wells : Mormon Feminist and Journalist Arrington, Leonard J. 1998 Book Chapter 1
Lucy Mack Smith Anderson, Lavina Fielding 2005 Book Chapter
Katharine Smith Salisbury Walker, Kyle R. 2005 Book Chapter 1
Lucy Smith Millikin Williams, Nathan H. 2005 Book Chapter 2
Elizabeth Ann Whitmer Cowdery : A Historical Reflection on her Life Romig, Ronald E. 2009 Book Chapter
The Three Pioneer Women Whitney, Orson F. 1904 Book Chapter
David and Susan Fairbanks Whitney, Orson F. 1904 Book Chapter
The Woodburys Whitney, Orson F. 1904 Book Chapter 1
Orson B. and Susann S. Adams Whitney, Orson F. 1904 Book Chapter
Mary Jane Dilworth Hammond Whitney, Orson F. 1904 Book Chapter
Jacob and Amy Bigler Whitney, Orson F. 1904 Book Chapter